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Gary Stollman                                    Copyright (C) 1991
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                   The Invasion of the Human Race


                           Gary Stollman

     I never planned out my life to wind up on the set of KNBC in
Los Angeles LIVE, standing behind TV consumer advocate David
Horowitz holding a toy gun to his head, demanding that he read a
statement about how space aliens and the CIA had replaced my father
and family with clones.  I had only planned on becoming a computer
programmer and a good citizen.  At least that was before I
discovered I had somehow stumbled onto a vast plot to overthrow the
human race.  I realize the implications of what I am about to say
and how impossible it may be to believe, but the truth is that
unless something is done and quite soon, the human race as a
species will cease to exist!
     Naturally, I didn't get this idea overnight.  Actually it
took quite a few years for me to realize exactly what was going on. 
By that time, I had been through so much brutal assault on my
senses, I didn't quite know what to make of it all.  However, as it
gradually became all too obvious, I became terrified, and vowed
that I would take some action to try to halt or at least impede the
apparent problem.  The end result of this was my jumping onto the
set at the NBC studio in LA, in a last-ditch hope of scaring them
so bad they would go back to wherever they came from.  I think I
should preview you from the beginning, when I first discovered that
something was rotten in Dixie.
     In the summer of 1981, I was in my new home, Tallahassee,
Florida, preparing to enter Tallahassee Community College (TCC) in
the fall to finish up my long-put-off AA degree.  I was sitting in
my apartment awaiting a shipment of belongings from my parents in
California.  Suddenly, the phone rang.  My mom was on the phone,
and she asked me whether I had received the packages.  I told her
they had not been delivered yet.  She said she would check up on
it, and the phone line abruptly went dead.  I was concerned because
I had sensed real fear in her voice about the shipment not
arriving.  I was certain something was up, but I couldn't put my
finger on it.  I didn't quite know what to make of it at the time.
     That was the start of a series of bizarre events which seemed
like something from the Twilight Zone.  It would last for 6 long
years, up until the day I sat in the studio at NBC in LA with the
toy gun in my jacket pocket, waiting for my chance to leap onto the
set to hopefully put a stop to what had become a living nightmare. 
However, I have learned recently that my efforts at bringing my
experiences to the public attention did not stop them, although it
may have slowed them down just a little.
     During the summer that followed, I continued to receive calls
of a strange nature from many people, including my parents.  I knew
something was REALLY wrong when my dad called me up one night, and
began asking me questions about some hotel we had all supposedly
stayed at with "huge" marble staircases.  Since none of us had ever
been at such a place, I didn't know what the HELL he was talking
about!  When he realized that I was totally confused and worried,
he acted like because I didn't "remember", he was going to be shot
or something to that effect!
     Calls like that continued for weeks, including some really
wierd ones from the operator, where she repeatedly questioned me
about people whom I did not even know.  The nature of the calls
convinced me that my phone was tapped, and being monitored by the
phone company or "someone!"  
     When September rolled came, I went to TCC to register for
classes.  The day I walked in, almost ALL of the kids had dropped
the classes they had signed up for the day before.  A lady
counselor (who was to play a part in my later demise) told me that
it had NEVER happened before and never would again!  She tried to
assure me that it was all just a simple clerical error, but I
thought at the time there was more to it than just that.  I signed
up for 5 classes, enough to complete my degree.  I sure had an
"open" list to pick from!
     After a week or so of classes, I realized that something was
terribly wrong.  Some of the kids in my classes were acting real
funny, and I do mean ACTING!  It was as if they were playing parts
out of a movie, the way they were carrying on during class. 
Something just wasn't right.  It seemed like they had been assigned
various "roles", and their actions in the class made me believe
that they had been put there for some specific purpose.
     I came to the gradual conclusion that some of the kids in my
classes were either with the CIA or the FBI, what with the type of
stuff they were doing and saying.  And it seemed like they were
there for the express purpose of keeping and eye on ME.  I know
that sounds paranoid, but it was the only assumption I could
ascertain at the time, with the things that were going on.
Gradually, those thoughts began to affect my class work to
the point where I was having a hard time studying, and my grades
began to slip in some of my classes.  Fortunately, because of my
strong will, I was able to keep my attention focused on getting
done, and wound up passing all of my classes except one.  However,
the process by which I got through those classes was a pretty
roundabout one, as it involved the first of my many unwilling
hospitalizations for treatment of my supposed paranoid delusions.
     In order to be allowed to finish school, I was forced into
signing myself into a small local mental hospital for treatment by
the counselor who I had met while signing up for classes.  When I
discovered that that hospital was just a front for the CIA from the
events which took place after I had signed in, I tried to sign
myself out, but instead of being released, I wound up being sent to
the main mental hospital here in town by the doctor in charge.  I
had friends with some authority who really cared about me, and
after a few days and a visit from the public defender, I was
discharged.  But the fire of anger from that first wrongful
admission to a mental hospital still burns within me.
     After I finished school, I went to my grandparents in West
Palm Beach for Christmas vacation.  There were some strange things
going on down there as well, but I didn't make anything out of it. 
I then went up to Atlanta for New Years.  When I got back, my mom
called me at my apartment.  But it was not my REAL mom!  I couldn't
explain it, but I knew instinctively that it wasn't my real mom's
voice on the phone.  The tonal qualities were different.  When I
told her I had been to Atlanta, she practically exploded at me. 
She told me that I was confused and she was coming to see me.  She
hung up, and the next day, she arrived at my apartment.
     From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew that it was NOT my
real mother.  Her voice was different, her manners were different,
and she didn't know what my mom knows about me.  I know, cause I
checked her out on little details about my past life.  I didn't
know what was going on, but I was mad and I was scared.
After determining for certain that this was a clone of my
real mom, I threw her out of my apartment.  That night, the police
came by, and tried to get me to open the door so they could grab me
and take me back over to the little mental hospital.  But I was
smart back then, and wouldn't take the chain off the door.  So they
left.  After they were gone, I decided I had had enough, and so I
got in my car and took off into the night, terrified.
     I got on the interstate and started driving.  I figured since
my "fake" mom didn't like the idea of my going to Atlanta, that it
would be safe up there.  So I drove back up to Atlanta, and wound
up getting trapped in the city overnight in a blinding snowstorm. 
I tried going to the FBI office there for help, but only got the
runaround, although they DID act like it was very important
information I had about one particular person the operator kept
asking me about all the time over the summer.
     I wound up spending the night at one of the local college's
student centers.  I called my dad from there, and he knew where I
was calling from without my telling him, so I figured somebody was
able to trace the call pretty good.  I also knew, from what he told
me, that he was being held against his will somewhere.  He told me
to go back to Tallahassee and go into the hospital, or he wouldn't
send me any money to get back there, as I had zoomed away without
enough cash to get back.  I knew I would need the cash, so I just
said I would.  I hadn't planned on going back there no matter what,
but I didn't know exactly where I would head to yet.  So I lied and
said I would go pick up the cash if he would send it by Western
Union.  He agreed to this, and wished me good luck.
     What took place after that would make a good story in itself! 
Suffice it to say that I picked up the money okay at the Western
Union office, but then I wandered around in the city, with some
VERY interesting results.  When I got back to the student center,
it was real late, and I laid down on a couch like the other people
trapped there for the night, and went to sleep.
     When I awoke the next morning, the snow had cleared enough
for me to leave.  I decided that there was just too much nonsense
going on for me to return to Tallahassee, and so I just continued
driving north on I-75, planning to head towards Washington, D.C.
On the way there, the snow was still coming down on a long
section of freeway, and I slid out of control and slammed my car
into the retaining wall.  There was some damage to my car, but I
was able to continue.  Fortunately, I have a lot of experience
driving in rain, and I was able to control the swerve so the damage
was not too bad.
     I pulled off the road near Cinncinati, Ohio to get a bite to
eat.  I made an illegal U-turn near the restaurant, and a cop
pulled me over.  He let me go with a warning though, and I went to
have some dinner and coffee.  Although I had been driving all day
and most of the night, I was still in pretty good shape.
     When I finished eating, I decided to ask for an escort to
Washington, as I was afraid because of stuff happening around me
while I was driving, of someone trying to kill me on the road
before I got there.  I know it was a stupid idea, but I went ahead
and called the Highway Patrol for an escort, telling them I some
sort of a spy, and I had vital information needed to save the
country from an enemy missle attack.  Eventually, they sent a
highway patrol car and a regular police car to the restaurant.
The highway patrolmen were considerate as to my situation,
but the regular police acted like I was some kind of criminal for
reasons I couldn't understand.  When they checked my car, they
asked me about the damage, but I wouldn't say what had happened,
and so they took me into protective custody.  
     They took me to the police station, and then something
happened that made me wonder just how far the situation with alien
clones had gone.  The police called my father and told me that he
was flying in to pick me up, but then some very wierd stuff took
place, and instead they took me over to Cinncinati General Hospital
for supposed evaluation.  
     The next day, I was transferred over to a nearby mental
hospital, and placed in a locked ward for the next 4 weeks.  The
people there acted extremely bizarre, and the whole thing was a
total sham.  But I was trapped, and I spent a month in misery
walking the halls, biding my time for the day I would be released.
During the time I was there, I was so distraut by what was
going on in the place, I called the FBI office in Cinncinati and
told them that the hospital was a sham.  They asked to speak to one
of the people there, and I put the social worker on the phone, who
gave a false name to the FBI agent.  After that, I didn't screw
around with them, but swore an oath that someday I would expose
their fraudulant hospital to the world.
     At the end of the month, my REAL dad flew in to drive with me
back to Tallahassee.  I knew it was my real dad, and I also knew
that he was pretending to his best to give the impression that
nothing was wrong.  I had the impression that he was being watched
somehow every minute we were together, although I didn't know
exactly how at the time.  I just played along with it all, as I
wanted OUT of that nuthouse.  So we started driving back to
Tallahassee that day.
     When we got back to Tallahassee, I began to understand just
how serious my dad's situation really was.  He was not acting
"normal" at all, for him.  When he covered up the story I had told
to the police with feigned tears, I knew something was terribly
wrong.  I can tell when someone is faking anything, and I KNOW my
own father, so I was able to discern that he was only "pretending"
to cry.  Then I realized that he was pretending because someone was
somehow WATCHING him at the time!  My dad was trying to fool THEM! 
I didn't know what to make of that at the time, but I swore I would
someday find out what was going on.
     My dad found me a different apartment, one closer to FSU,
where I live to this day as it is the best apartment complex in
town.  He had wanted to stick me in a halfway house, which is what
I had promised him I would do in order to get out of the hospital,
but I wouldn't go for it.  So we moved all my stuff from my
previous apartment, and the next day I took him to the airport to
fly back to LA.  I was mad as hell at whatever was going on, and so
I treated him pretty poorly as he left.  When he once again feigned
crying, I knew it was to protect himself from whatever, and so I
didn't say anything.  He got on the plane and headed back.
     The next few weeks were hard on me, because I didn't have any
classes to attend, and so felt lonely.  I did have the FSU Plato
system to learn from, but it just wasn't enough support, and
gradually I began to slip backwards again.  It ended up that I went
driving off into the night in terror for a second time, this time
from things that were going on around me in the town itself.  I got
on I-10 and started heading back to LA, in the hope that being
around my family would pull me out of the fear and loneliness.
     I wound up losing my car in a crowded airport parking lot at
the Houston Intercontinental Airport.  I was in such a poor state
of mind, that I believed that a computer fault I had come across on
the government computer system I had spent many years on was
somehow responsible for a sneak missle attact on the United States. 
It was at this point in time that I came across the fact that
people were being replaced.  How this was proved to me is shown
later in the book.  Suffice it to say that I wound up being
incarcerated against my will in another mental hospital for a
month, only this time they FORGED my NAME on the admission form to
do it!
     At the end of the month, my dad flew in again, but this time
he flew me back to LA with him.  My mom got me a shrink in West Los
Angeles, and I started taking injections of an anti-psychotic drug
called Prolixin.  I spent a happy, though angry, spring with my
parents, and even went with them on a trip to Hawaii for a week.  I
had NO thoughts that these were not my real parents at the time,
and I eventually put off the events with my mom in Tallahassee as
misguided assumptions, although in the back of my mind there
remained the fact that I am not ususally wrong when I think
something funny is going on.  
     As the summer came around back then in 1982, I said goodbye
to my real parents and drove back to Tallahassee to return to
school at FSU.  My mind was at peace, because my parents WERE my
real parents back then, and I was pretty confident that nothing
would change that fact.  I did not know how much more WRONG I could
have been!
     The next two semesters at FSU went well, and I did good in my
classes.  However, as the summer appoached, my mind began to slip
back to the events that had unraveled the year before.  I found
myself becoming more and more angry at myself for not having taken
steps to file charges against the hospital in Houston that had
forged my name, and I still didn't know what had really been going
on at that hospital when I discovered that people were somehow
being systematically replaced.  Around August, I wound up getting
throw into the local mental hospital again.
     This time around, I had proof positive that something VERY
wrong was going on here in town.  The stuff that was going on in
the hospital was insane.  It had no logical explanation, except to
confirm my suspicions from the year before.  I was physically
abused this time, and had to placate my captors immensely in order
to be released.  This time though, being released was like merely
being turned loose into the world of the unknown outside in the
town.  I didn't have my parents or my family to fall back on, and
in fact, I felt that both my parents were being held prisoners in
some CIA base somewhere.
     Although getting back to classes in September helped some, I
still felt like a stranger in a strange land.  The teachers I had
were acting funny, and wierd things were going on all the time in
class.  As the weeks progressed, I found that I could not
concentrate on my classwork very well, and gradually I had a
complete breakdown.  The end result of this was my running out of
gas on the freeway, and getting smashed from behind by a pickup
     When I woke up from being knocked unconcious, I was in the
hospital, and my mom was standing there at the foot of my bed.  I
had been damaged pretty bad, and it was a miracle that I had lived. 
I lost a piece of my nose, and my face had been smashed pretty
badly, but fortunately I had a real good plastic surgeon.  Then my
mom (not sure to this day if it was my REAL mom or not at the time)
did something that convinced me that the aliens wanted me on a
platter.  From that moment on, I have been VERY careful as to what
I say or do, or even think!
     After I got out of the regular hospital, I had problems
dealing with reality even on the simplest of levels.  So I wound up
being thrown back into the mental hospital again, this time by my
mom.  This time in there, I discovered that people were indeed
reading my mind directly as I had suspected.  I also learned for
the first time that God himself or his angels were trying to help
me in my plight.  I know that sounds even more incedible than
aliens invading us, but my conclusions were drawn from logical sets
of events.
     I was flown back to LA again for a third time, only this time
I knew that BOTH my parents had been switched.  I spent a fearsome
time, but I had planned ahead and drawn enough money out of the
bank before I left, so I could go back whenever I desired.  Most of
the time there was spent thinking I was on another planet, due to
the kinds of things that were happening around me.  I realize now
that most of it was imaginary, but there are parts that were as
real and unexplainable as can be.  After only a few weeks, I drove
back to Tallahassee without a word to my "parents."
Despite the fact that I felt very much alone, I put myself
back in school, and tried to finish up the classes I had to drop
because of the accident.  I did all right for a few months, but
then things began to happen in my classes again at FSU.  I tried to
ignore them like previously, but this time I had nobody supportive
to fall back on.  Slowly I began to break down again from the
stress, and wound up getting throw back again into the mental
hospital around the middle of December.  This time I decided to go
back to LA, and so they released me on my own recognizance in order
to fly back there.  
     My FAKE father met me at the airport, and this time I knew I
was going to be framed up bad.  My REAL mom and my FAKE mom were
being interchanged continuously throughout the time I was there,
which consisted mainly of my being forced into signing myself into
two more mental hospitals for the duration of my stay.  I was
released from the second one and flown back to Florida one day too
late to register for classes for the spring semester of 1984.  I
COULD have late-registered, but at the time, I wasn't quite sure of
which DIMENSION I was residing in!  So I got back into Plato, and
learned all the computer languages I could from that.
     I enrolled in Lively Vo-Tech that summer, and took up
Electronics Technology.  I really enjoyed it, having fallen in love
with electronics some time back, and having learned most of it
already on my own, I breezed through the courses.  This was where I
met my electronics teacher, who confirmed that the United States
government did indeed have little alien bodies on ice at Hangar 18,
now known as the Environmental Control Building.  He also told me
about the other strange things that the Air Force had in that
building, and that it was the most highly guarded building in the
world.  Unfortunately, he too was replaced sometime after I had
told him my story and he told me he was going to try to help me. 
After that, I thought twice about telling other people about my
     Things went smoothly for me through the fall.  I enjoyed my
class at Lively and was doing quite well in it.  Then, around the
first of the year, something happened that disturbed my brief
period of stability.  I got into a conversation with a girl on
Plato, which has inter-terminal communications capability, who told
me that seven of HER friends had been replaced!  I was shocked and
terrified.  I had thought that only those people in direct contact
with me were being affected, but it turned out that complete
strangers were being replaced as well.  I was determined to put a
stop to it.
     I got in touch with Dr. Allen J. Hynek, the leading authority
on UFOs at the time.  He told me to keep a low profile, and NOT to
go public with the information until I could build up a dialog of
communication with him.  I started to sit down at my computer and
write him about the things I was experiencing, but stopped after
the first paragraph.  How could I put into writing the unbelievable
events that had taken place over the past FIVE YEARS!?  I was at a
loss, and determined that I would go see him in person at his
headquarters in Chicago while on a trip to see my sister in Kansas.
     I drove to Kansas that summer, only to discover that my 
younger sister and my brother-in-law had been replaced as well.  I
was dismayed, and left there in a complete state of despair, and
headed for Chicago, praying that Dr. Hynek could help me.  But when
I got to his office, I discovered that he was gone on a vacation
and his partner, too, had been replaced.  I was wrought with horror
and anger, at what had transpired on the trip, and how worthless it
had been.  I made a vow to myself, that if ever circumstances lent
themselves to give me a chance to expose the goings-on to the
world, that I would take it!
     After I got back from the trip, I threw myself back into
schoolwork to try to forget what had happened.  I did all right for
the fall semester, but then around Christmas vacation I began to
feel depressed again.  And AGAIN my "mom" flew down and threw me
into the hospital!  This time I learned that God was trying to help
me personally, and that there were a lot of other "beings" trying
to save us also.  I was so confused by all this that I almost
couldn't function on a rational level anymore.  After two weeks in
the hospital here, I was flown back to LA again.
     This time, they weren't taking any chances, and drove me
right from the airport to UCLA Medical Center, and threw me into
the psychiatric ward.  Some interesting things occured there, but
basically, it was a turnilng point for me in the sense that I began
to fight back.  I filed a writ of Habeus Corpus after two weeks,
and went to court and got the judge to release me.  From that
moment on, I knew I could defeat their plans.  They didn't know
anything about law, and that was in my favor.
     I spent a couple of months with my REAL mom and FAKE dad over
the spring.  My REAL dad was locked up in the alien prison camp, so
I didn't have much to do with the fake one.  My real dad had shown
up for just a few minutes at my court appearance, but then he was
whisked out shortly before the judge released me, and replaced by
his clone.  I assumed by this that they were afraid only IN the
courtroom.  I swore to myself that I would get my fake dad into a
courtroom, only this time over a REAL case.  I didn't know how
truthful it would turn out to be.
     I went to a computer class at Santa Monica College during
this time period, and I planned out my revenge.  I knew that my
fake dad was doing a live show on KNBC as the Friendly Pharmacist,
and I knew that he had access to the studios.  I didn't plan yet to
enter the studios with a toy gun, but I was determined to use that
access to my advantage.  I merely went to school and bided my time.
     When the summer of 1986 rolled around, I had completed my
class, and drove back to Tallahassee.  I had it in my mind to take
some action before the next summer.  I had no idea yet what it
would be, but I was keeping all my options open.  I knew I had to
find out more information about the situations that had taken place
at all the mental hospitals, so I went about getting ahold of my
records.  I was unable to obtain them all, because they broke the
law and refused to give some of them to me, but using subterfuge, I
did obtain a good percent of them.  I rented a safe deposit box, to
protect them from anyone's eyes but mine, in case what I was
planning failed and my apartment was closed out again.  When I was
getting all my records, I realized that I had to get back inside
one of the hospitals to see if there was still nonsense going on,
and to have a backup plan ready in case I wound up there if my
plans went awry.  I picked UCLA, which was convenient, seeing as I
could ask to go there if something went wrong.  So, in January of
1987, I drove back to LA and checked into the hospital, for the
first time of my own choosing!
     I spent about three weeks in UCLA, observing what was going
on with great intent.  I determined that I could handle a couple of
weeks in there, if the plans I were making backfired.  I noted
everything that went on, and kept a mental log of all the staffing
assignments.  I "interviewed" the patients that were there, so as
to see how much of a problem I would have if I returned under less
desirable circumstances.  When I left, I was satisfied that there
was nothing anyone could do to stop me.
     I took up another computer class at Santa Monica College
while waiting for my chance to strike.  I was going out with a
sweet girl from New Jersey, when Joan McCaughey stumbled into my
life.  I met her at the beach one day, and we became very close
friends.  It turned out that she had a problem with fake parents
herself, although not of the cloned variety.  It also turned out
that she had had intimate contact with UFOs in her past, and I
spent a couple of weeks with her, trying to track down the mystery
of her family.  It turned out they owned half of LA county.
     It was at this time, around June of 1987, that I bought the
toy gun.  I kept it under the passenger seat in my car, waiting for
the chance I would get to use it.  I was keeping close track of my
fake dad's schedule at the studio, and was going to go in with him
and hold the gun on him, and force HIM to read the statement over
the air, when everything fell apart.  He lost his job there, and I
didn't know exactly what I was going to do.  So I decided to take
Joan back to Florida with me, and make my play from there, leaving
my fake dad to think that I was out of the way.
     Joan and I spent an enjoyable "vacation" in Florida.  We went
all over the state and had a great time doing it.  It was all part
of my plan to make my fake dad forget all about me.  I didn't know
what he had told the people at KNBC about me, and it turned out
that I had made the right decisions.  I believe now that had I
walked in with him, I never would have gotten "on the air", so to
     After we got done traveling around, I started planning for
the trip back to LA.  It turned out that I took out just enough
money from the bank to get there with about a gallon of gas to
spare.  My mom called us in Tallahassee, and Joan accidently told
her we were coming back.  She couldn't understand WHY I was coming
back, and she was understandably worried.  I just let Joan talk to
her, as she wouldn't be able to interpret MY hostilities through
     The trip back was like a non-stop adventure.  Although we
stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico for some sightseeing, the
majority of the trip consisted of my driving at top speed toward an
uncertain future.  I knew I could get into the studios, but what
then?  Would I be shot dead by the police, and would my message go
out LIVE so nobody could edit it?  I did not know the answers to
those questions as we drove on through the night.
     When we got to LA, I dropped Joan off, then went over to my
parents apartment.  My fake dad answered the door, and he was
pissed!  Why had I come back, he wanted to know.  I wouldn't say. 
I just took my suitcases into the spare bedroom, and went to bed. 
I could hear him arguing with my REAL mom outside for a good while. 
It turned out that my fake dad wasn't going to let me stay there
past one night, so the next day I took the spare mattress over to
Joans apartment and stayed the rest of the time there.
     The next two weeks were spent planning out exactly how I
would compromise the studio.  I made contact with the TV newswoman
who would get me onto the set.  I made sure I did this from a pay
phone, as I knew my parents' phones were all completely tapped.  I
started writing up what I would hand the person on the air to read,
although I didn't get to finishing it until one hour before I was
to be at the studio because of procrastination.  That has always
been one of my shortcomings.  
     The day before I was to enter the studio, I tried the toy gun
out on a friend of mine to see if it would get the desired results. 
The test was a complete success, as my friend was scared to death
at first sight of the gun.  I had the stuff ready, and I was in a
good frame of mind to go ahead and do it.  At 3:30 pm on Wednesday,
August 19, 1987 I entered the studio.  In a little over one hour
later, it was all over.  I had MADE the national news.  I had spent
my wad, and I bear the results of that deed to this day.
     In the four years since that event, I have kept a silent
vigil.  I have endured many sorrows, and been chastised for my
doings by many around me.  But I still keep my head high, and think
of what plight this world would be in now had I NOT done what I did
that day.  It rocked the world, but MORE importantly, it rocked the
aliens and their plan for global domination!
     I have lived a lonely life since that day.  But I have great
hope for the future now.  If you want to learn more about this, and
the complete story of how all this has taken place, and how YOU can
help in the fight to save our planet from these monsters who have
us outgunned, read on.  Read on, FELLOW HUMAN!

From: (Gary Stollman)
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Well, I finallly got to meet some of the people I have talked to or known 
of in the past in the UFO circles...I went to the LA UFO con today, and it 
was a blast!!  I met my friend Val Valerian, and had dinner with John 
Lear, who introduced me to Linda Moulton Howe, and met Budd Hopkins...All 
were real sweet and not bothered by my past except for Budd Hopkins, who 
reasonably was slightly taken aback when I told him who I was and what I 
had done...I don;t know if I will get any help from him in getting my book 
published, but who knows what will happen in two more weeks...You will all 
probably have a fit when you see me on Nightline...hehe...


From: (Gary Stollman)
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Date: 17 May 92 03:42:46 GMT
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From: (Gary Stollman)
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For all of you out there who doubt what I have said, this should convince 
you finally...When I got out of the mental hospital with the help of my 
girlfriend Joan in Tallahassee, she told me something which convinced ME 
that things were completely out of this world!!!  She had to take cabs 
around town there while I was stuck in the hospital because she doesn't 
drive...She said that she walked to the Tallahassee Mall, and when she was 
planning on coming home, she went to the car wash place across the 
street...The girl at the carwash place told her, without her having asked 
first, that a cab was on the way to pick her up...When the cab arrived, 
Joan got in, though very suspicious, and was driven back to my 
apartment...On the way, whe said the CAB DRIVER repeated EVERY WORD we had 
said to each other ON THE PHONE!!!  She said it involved conversations at 
the hospital at that time, and even OTHER TIMES in the past!!!  She said 
he repeated it WORD FOR WORD, like a tape recorder!!!

        Anyone left who doesn't believe me now????

From: (Gary Stollman)     
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Date: 3 Jun 92 10:08:48 GMT
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     This is not MY story, although it has a lot to do with me, as 
it is the story of my girlfriend, Joan McCaughey.  Her experiences 
DO involve UFOs, but on a much more intense scale than any of my 
UFO experiences.  
     When Joan was about 3 years old, her real parents left her 
with some people who took their places, in name only.  She was the 
heir to the Vaseline fortune, and these people murdered her real 
mother, and so she was left with these imposters and their name.  
She has no idea of her real identity.  She has three birth 
certificates, one of which I was able to ascertain was forged, 
and one was stolen from her safe deposit box at her bank.  
     Up until only a very few years ago, she was unable to 
remember anything of her childhood, due to the shock of being 
abandoned and beaten over the head with a hammer repeatedly by her 
"mother", causing skull fractures.  Her "father" punched her in 
the stomach while a child, in a fit of rage, causing her to lose an 
ovary.  These people were imposters and murderers and worse.  Her 
"father" was an Indian from a tribe in Oregon, and her "mother" 
was not married to him legally.  They got all their money after 
they got Joan.  So much money you could not believe, as I have 
gone through the records in downtown LA, and there are literally 
hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property all over LA 
county.  A lawyer friend of my sister is currently trying to 
obtain it for Joan.  
     Joan's "father" was a civil engineer who worked at the 
department of public works in Pasadena, California for many years.  
He built secret underground water supplies that only the rich and 
powerful knew about, in case of germ or atomic war.  He was so 
brilliant that even when near death and in a wheelchair, the 
Canadian government flew him to Canada to work on secret projects 
for them.  He also led a double life under a different name.  He 
was in charge of building the Alaskan Highway in Canada.  
     While standing on the porch of a house they owned in 
Altadena, California, in 1957, a UFO came slowly down the canyon 
without a sound.  It was only about 20 feet away from Joan at the 
closest approach.  She says it was a flying saucer, with windows 
all around, and floated slightly above the ground.  The people in 
the other houses saw it also, and they were terrified.  When the 
man she calls Dad saw this, he laughed, and said to her, "Now 
that's a secret undercover government project!  That's man-made!"  
She had no reason to doubt him as he worked for the government, 
and she had seen technical drawings of UFOs on his drafting board 
many times.  The object floated slowly over the canyon, farther 
and farther away until it went out of sight.  
     After that, UFOs would come around Joan's window almost every 
night for many years.  They emitted a bright white light into the 
room, so bright you could read by it.  She also would hear voices 
of men talking outside her window, saying things related to her 
past, and about her.  She believes these men came from the UFOs, 
and her "father" owned all the land in the canyons where they came 
from.  She was told later that her real family came from a very 
distinguished bloodline, from "the other side."  
     During the years as a child, Joan was moved from place to 
place around California.  When neighbors in San Diego complained 
to the school board that she was being denied an education by her 
parents, her "parents" up and moved away to another location.  
Presents would come frequently for her, but the "woman" would take 
them all away from her every time.  One such present, a wagon with 
her name on it, probably her real name, was taken by her "mother", 
who filed the name off with a chisel before giving it to her.  
Even the dates on the few pictures she has of her "family" have 
been erased from them.  She has no idea of how old she really is.
     Her "father" knew how to use dowsing to find water and gold 
and other things.  He used a series of numbers that Joan can 
remember, divided by 12, to build things, like UFOs.  The numbers 
also mark out the distances to the sun and the moon and the 
planets, and even the rotation of the Earth.  Before I did MY 
thing, I mailed a list of these numbers to myself from a post 
office near the studio just in case I would be arrested.  
     Her "mother" was a monster, and received Social Security 
benefits for Joan being disabled, and bought diamond earrings with 
it while Joan walked the streets and lay in the gutters.  Joan 
helped herself out of her situation, and gradually became 
independent, although without any kind of formal education.  She 
has the math level of a third grader, although her reading skills 
are somewhat better.  She is unable to learn, due to the problems 
heaped on her by her situation, and collects SSI.  She is trying 
to get her fathers benefits for being disabled as a child, but we 
don't know about that yet.  We are counting on the property coming 
     Everything she got while under these imposters care was taken 
away from her.  For that reason, she was afraid to go to see the 
"woman" when she died.  She got lost on the bus, and when she got 
there, she was dead, and her giggilo was talking to her dead body.  
The nurse brought her a bag, but the giggilo grabbed it and ran 
away with it.  Maybe the old bat finally decided to leave her 
something or her real identity.  A few years ago, someone left a 
envelope for Joan at the downtown post office in LA, but she 
didn't have the money to get there, and when she eventually got 
there, she was told the woman who had left the package came and 
took it back.
     Some life, huh???  When her "dad" died, his watch stopped at 
the exact second, and Joan felt an incredible warmth coming from 
him, which surrounded her all over.  He had made a will leaving 
her to be taken care of, but the woman burned the will and forged 
another one, giving her control over everything.  All that phony 
family had fake birth certificates, and fake ids and fake 
     When I checked the downtown property records, I discovered 
some pretty wierd sounding names listed on the deeds.  Names you 
couldn't even pronounce.  All her "family" had the rare blood 
type, O-negative.  Except for her.  
     Some people came by to see her several times, who she calls 
the "psychic people", who told her things about her past she never 
knew.  I believe these people were with the CIA or something 
similar.  They were able to get into the sealed records downtown 
somehow, and had IDs that regular police wouldn't touch them with, 
some kind of CIA type IDs.  They are into witchcraft, and had 
knowledge that amazes even me.  During the past LA riots, Joan 
went to San Bernadino to be with her niece, who isn't really her 
niece, but a girl she raised since a child by herself, who was 
having a baby.  While there, these "psychic people" came by again, 
and indicated that Joan would soon be coming into great wealth, 
and made it clear that they felt they deserved a part of this.  
The phone Joan called me from out there was torn down and the 
place boarded up.  She knows all about the "phone-tappers."
     Well, a sad life, but one brimming with mystery!  We are 
going on a trip to Yosemite National Park in a few days and I just 
felt I had to put this into words before we left.  I hope this 
helps convince others of my truthfulness.

          Gary Stollman

From: (Gary Stollman)
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Topic 12        Sun Aug 04, 1991
Sub: UFO's and Close Encounters

Topic for discussing UFO's, "Close Encounters", and for people to talk about
what they believe, and what governments are holding back from the public.
Anyone remember "Hanger 18"?

791 message(s) total.
Category 7,  Topic 12
Message 522       Tue May 19, 1992
MARCUS                       at 02:09 EDT

 ------------ Category 4,  Topic 29 Message 103       Thu Aug 22, 1991
G.STOLLMAN [Gary]            at 23:55 EDT

I have waited a while before I placed the stuff on here that will prove to all
that my story is true...There were reasons for this! However, now it can be

[Two paragraphs here removed by Marcus.]

I started in computers in 1977, when my mom showed me an advertisment in the
L.A. Times about a computer fair at USC...She knew about my interest in
computers from my spending all my spare time at computer stores (what few
there were at that time), and buying up everything I could lay my hands on
about the subject...I had searched for many years for something which would
utilize the fine mind I was gifted with...

So it was one weekend that summer that I first walked into the Keck Computer
Center at USC...The place was packed to the walls with people of all ages
(mostly kids) sitting at and standing behind terminals hooked up to the
college's main-frame computer...They were deeply involved in playing computer
games of every size and shape, limited though they were by the technology of
the time...As soon as I got a chance at one of the terminals, I was hooked for
life...I vowed that I would come back there after the fair was over and learn
everything about their system that I could...

The next day I was back, but this time with knowledge that would enable me to
access the computers without having "legal" access to them...The Keck Center
was one of those unique places where ANYONE could just walk in and use the
computers, as the signon information was handily placed on the blackboard in
the room...When I discovered that this information was NOT enough to give me
the highest level of access I needed, it was nothing to me to merely steal
someone elses password...I was on a "holy quest for knowledge", and would let
nothing stand in my way...Stealing passwords is pretty easy if you have little
morals about going about it...The easiest way is to simply stand behind
someone elses terminal when they are logging in, and watch them type in their
password...Even if you don't see the exact keys they hit, you can make a
mental note of the general area they strike, and then it is merely a process
of elimination...

After I had a signon which would allow me to make print-outs on the main line
printer without anyones knowledge, I printed up copies of the manuals for
EVERY computer language available at that time...Also, the Keck Center had a
full tutorial at my disposal that taught the Basic computer language, one of
the first languages that a person starts with...It only took me a few weeks to
learn Basic through this method...

Around this time, I discovered that there were several other computer sites at
USC which I could access...One was the Salvatori Computer Center, a few blocks
down the street from the Keck Center...This system was much more advanced than
the Keck's, being a Tops-10 system...If you think I am a kind of scoundrel for
what I did, think of this...The first day I walked into the Salvatori Center,
there were maybe 5 little kids sitting there playing games on their system,
using passwords stolen from students going there...One of them offered me a
password, and I was on my way...

I learned everything about the Tops-10 system that could be known over the
next few weeks...I learned how to copy files from other users accounts, even
the system operators...After a while, there was little that I couldn't do or
gain access to...

I had fun, but I was still expanding, reaching for more and more
knowledge...It was at this time that I made what would become one of the most
important friends in my life...I was sitting around the Santa Monica Computer
Store, one of the few computer stores at the time, playing some game which I
can't even remember to this day...A guy walked in, and bought a disk drive,
and started to walk out...He stopped and looked at the game I was
playing..."That's a pretty nice game, isn't it!," he said to me...I was
anxious to impress him..."Oh, have you ever seen Adventure?!," I asked
him...Adventure was a "brand-new" main-frame game that I played at a special
computer set up at the Salvatori Center..."Have you ever seen Zork!!??," he
responded..."ZORK!!!," I excitedly answered..."What's ZORK!!??"...He then told
me if I would like to come by his office the next day, he would gladly show
me...This was like asking the snake if it would like a bite of the Apple...I
immediately agreed, and he told me how to get to his office...

When I arrived at Rick Shiffman's office the next day, he happily welcomed me
into the world of the Arpanet (Advanced Research Project Network), sponsored
by the Department of Defense...This is a huge computer network linking some
300-350 college, research, and defense computers around the nation...Rick sat
me down at the terminal in his office, and began to demonstrate just what he
was into...It turned out that not only was he partially responsible for
creating the language (Muddle) that Zork used, but his signon was one of the
most powerful on the Arpanet...He let me play Zork alone in his office for a
few hours, than sadly told me that I would have to leave...I thanked him, and
asked him if I could come back sometime in the future...He agreed, as long as
he had time available...I then walked out of the building, but as I was not
one to be turned away by any kind of security, I made a note of the methods
that people used to gain access to the building...

That weekend, I walked into the USC-ISI (Informational Sciences Institute)
building, signed my name in the book at the guard's desk, and took the
elevator to the top floor of the South tower of the Bank of America buildings
in Marina Del Rey...I rang the bell of the door, which was locked and had only
a peephole through which you were looked at, and the door opened only if you
were someone who should be there...A voice asked who I was, and I told the
voice that I was a friend of Ricks'...The door swung open, and Larry Fye, one
of the operators of the site who would become my greatest ally on the network,
invited me in...

Larry took me into the computer room, and told me that he couldn't let me use
his signon to play games...Then he had a thought (luckily for me), and got
Rick Shiffman on the phone...He told Rick I was there and wanted to play Zork,
and would he give me the password to his account...Rick agreed, and I took the
phone, and entered the mysterious inner workings of the Arpanet...

I spent the entire day and night there, on one of the terminals in someone's
office playing Zork...At about 2am or so, I decided I couldn't look at the
screen any longer, and asked Larry if I could come back the next day, sometime
in the afternoon...As it was a Sunday, and he was working weekends, he
agreed...I walked out the doors, signed out at the guard's station downstairs,
and the guard asked me if I was tired working so late, and I just told him no,
that I was used to it by now...I laughed all the way to my car...

The next day, I rang the bell at the 12th floor, and Larry opened the door and
greeted me as if I was one of his best friends for years...It does get pretty
lonely, baby-sitting a computer by yourself for hours on end...This time,
Larry started to introduce me to some of the neat tricks of the trade of being
an operator...He showed me how to load the tape decks and disk packs, and how
to run the whole system...It was just this kind of intimate knowledge that
would lead to my downfall...

I spent the next TWO YEARS, DAY AND NIGHT, at the site...I didn't have much of
a social life during this time, but I made up for it in knowledge...I learned
the inside and out of the Arpanet, and using Ricks signon and authority, I
began to gain access to all the other computers on the network...It was really
quite easy...I would simply send a "E-mail" note to a site, saying I was a
associate of Ricks, and needed the signon for a project I was working on...I
usually put down that I was investigating the intellectual aspect of computer
game-playing as a social function, just for the laugh...Because of the
priority of the signon I was using, the next day a note would come back
saying, "All set up!"...In some cases, if the operator had knowledge of Rick,
the signon was created while I watched...I never told Rick of this aspect of
my "game-playing"...

It wasn't long before I had discovered how to access the Pentagon's computers,
and figured out how to decifer the protected files that were on there...It was
SO damn easy, it was really unbelievable...It was at this time that I began to
have problems with one of the people at the site...The office which I had been
using had some top-secret data sitting on the shelves, which I used to go
through, but always returned it exactly as I found it...Somehow, the guy whose
office it was got wind that his stuff had been tampered with, and I was forced
to move to another office...Darn!

Anyways, I was hanging around the Keck Center one day, when I didn't want to
go to ISI some weekend, and I noticed this kid sitting at a new special
terminal playing a game on the computer at Cal Tech in Pasadena over a
modem...I knew this had to be impossible, but I queried him and he told me
that it was a secret, and he couldn't give out the info because it was
"dangerous"...I stood behind him and tried to see what number he was dialing,
but he was as sharp as I was, and covered his hand while dialing...I was able
to find out from him after a few more times there that there was a special
number called a TIP number (Terminal IMP Processor), which connected to a
computer in the basement of the Pentagon, and allowed one to access ANY
computer on the Arpanet through any modem...The number was kept a close
secret, though, but I am a determined guy, and although it took me almost a
year to learn the number, I did it...

I found the number on the wall next to the first Plato terminal I ever saw...I
had been told by one of the regular kids at the Salvatori Center that if I
wanted to see some REAL games, I should go over to a certain building near
USC, and get a signon on the Plato computer system...When I walked into the
room containing three Plato terminals hooked up to CERL (Computer Education
Research Lab) at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, there was a
large piece of paper on the wall which said USC-TIP and the number
underneath...I simply couldn't believe it...Top-Secret phones numbers sitting
around for all to see!!!  I asked the head guy there and was given a signon to

For the next two weeks, I spent day and night at the place, playing a true
fighter simulation called Airfight...Then the site went down, and the
terminals were taken out...I made a note of the TIP number, and started
dialing out to the Arpanet from the modems at the Keck Center...I spent a few
memorable weeks doing this...

Then, something happened which scared the H**L out of me...Larry Fye was
showing off his skills to me one night at ISI, when he suddenly asked me if I
would like to see him knock one of the other sites off the face of the
earth...I told him I would have to see it to believe it, so he opened the
bottom drawer of the operators desk there, and took out a book which had some
interesting writing on it...It said that it was a Federal Offense to OPEN the
book, and the penalty was a 20-year prison term or $50,000, whichever came
first!  He flipped the huge book open to some page, then copied down some
numbers that were on the page...Then he signed on to SRI (Stanford Research
Institute), did a couple of things, typed in the numbers, hit the return key,
and said, "THEY'RE GONE!!!"...I looked on in amazement as the message "SRI is
not ready..." came over the screen...This meant that SRI was GONE...It had
been knocked off the air...I didn't believe it was possible, so I tried
logging on through Telnet...Sure enough, the system had gone down...Larry told
me that this could be done to ANY computer if you knew the right codes...I
thought of what could happen to the real important computers on the Arpanet if
that got out somehow...I was truly scared...

A few nights later, something happened...I learned about it the next day from
Rick...He came up to me as I was coming in, and rudely demanded to know where
I had been the night before...I told him I had not been there, and after a few
moments, he confided in me what had happened the previous night...It seems
that Rick had been working late and had seen some people he didn't recognize
standing in the dark...When he called out to them, they took off, and ran down
the stairs and out of the building...Rick then called security and when they
searched the offices, it turned out that something of a Top-Secret nature had
been taken...Rick said he couldn't tell me what it was, for reasons I well
knew...He said I could not come to the site any longer like I had been
doing...I said I was sorry something had been taken, and told him goodbye...

Not being one to lose a million-dollar opportunity, I went to the Keck Center
and signed on to the Arpanet on one of my signons...Suddenly, the operator did
a Talk to me, and asked me who I was...When I beat around the bush, he got
ENRAGED and DEMANDED to know who had authorized my signon...I got scared and
broke the connection...I practically ran out of the place...

The next day, being too curious for my own good, I came back to the Keck
Center and tried to log onto one of my various signons...It was GONE!!!  I
tried signon after signon, and EVERY one was gone...Suddenly, the connection
went dead...When I dialed the TIP number, I heard a strange pulsating tone
coming over it that was not normal...I went home...

The next day, I came back, and when I tried the TIP number, IT was GONE!!!  I
was scared to death, and went home, making sure that nobody saw me leave the
place...I knew that something REAL big had happened, if they had disconnected
the TIP number itself...It was pretty frightening...I imagined in my mind
government officials like the CIA and FBI pouring over ISI with a fine tooth
comb to learn exactly what I had been into...And what about those people
standing in the dark, who had taken something so important and secret that
Rick wouldn't tell me about it...How had they gotten in???  I was the ONLY
person outside of the people working there that had access to the place...Did
they somehow have knowledge of my access and used that to their advantage??? I
just didn't know...I was scared and worried about other computer "crimes" that
I had committed...Anyways, that is how this all REALLY started...



From: (Gary Stollman)
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Subject: INVASION!!!
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As I was saying in my previous message before it got deleted...Joan and I 
had a good time in Yosemite, the REAL one, that is...When we got back, 
things started happening...I have been calling Joan on my Sprint phone 
card, as I can't get the real one using the regular Pacific Bell 
lines...When I called her up after dropping her off at her apartment, the 
Sprint operator told me that she couldn't put my call through because her 
computer terminal was frozen...I tried again...Then there were a series of 
loud clicks, and the line went dead...Once again...This time the call went 
through, only there was a warbling pulsating tone along with the 
ringing...When the REAL Joan answered, there was a loud CLICK, and then 
her voice changed...The FAKE one...On a different line...I think you get 
the picture...

        Gary Stollman

From: (Gary Stollman)
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Subject: INVASION!!!
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Date: 25 Jun 92 09:53:29 GMT
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I am up late tonight, and just thought I would let you all know what I am 
planning on doing...If and when I get the real Joan back, we are going to 
go back to Tallahassee together again...When I get there, I will 
immediately file a complaint with the police against the hospital that cut 
up my dick...Then I will look around for a lawyer who will help me with my 
lawsuit against all the hospitals and the government...I don't really care 
if I find one who will help me or not, because I will still file in 
Federal Court, and I will ask them to appoint me an attorney if need 
be...I don't plan on holding anything back, I am suing everyone who ever 
looked at me cross-eyed...The Secret Service is also involved in this, as 
way back when this all started, I called them to report a threat made on 
the presidents life by a classmate of mine, and the next day they told me 
the agent had gone on vacation, and that I was crazy and to go check 
myself into a mental hospital...It is more invoved than that...Maybe I 
will upload some of my stuff from the Writers BB on GEnie later 
tonight...The most important thing right now is that the CIA be 
destroyed...Utterly!!!  Completely!!!  They are responsible for making the 
clones, and working with the aliens who have the power to do it...

        Gary Stollman

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: the long and short of it...
Keywords: aliens, invasion, stollman
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Date: 16 Aug 92 05:41:11 GMT
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I am sitting here logged on to my new account that I opened with netcom,
trying to think of something to write...I got this account because it is a
real bargain, $20 a month with NO hourly fees and a local LA number I can
call so I can compose online without having to use up time on my
pc-pursuit account...When I get back to Florida in a few weeks, I will be
able to have access to the entire Internet for only $50-$100 a month,
depending on how much time I use up...90 hours a month in long-distance
calls for $30 a month is a real steal!!

I guess I would like to divulge more details on what I have been
through...When I was taken by my clone parents during one episode to a
small mental hospital in Alhambra, Calif. in 1984, I refused to go in...My
fake dad went in while my fake mom stood outside and watched
me...Suddenly, loud explosion sounds came from the inside of the
building...After a few minutes, I went inside to find my clone dad signing
admission forms for ME...That is illegal and my real parents would know
it, and would never have done it in the first place...If I had been smart,
I would have ran away from them, but I couldn't rationalize things out
well with knowing that my real parents were either in some kind of
CIA/alien prison camp or possibly even another dimension...So I signed my
own papers and entered the hospital voluntarily...In Calif., if you sign
yourself into a mental hospital, you can sign yourself out just as easily...

The first thing that happened was that the $600 I had on me, which I had
brought with me from Tally was taken from me by one of the
"employees"...He told me he would put it in the safe, but it wasn't till I
got out a week later that I found out he had given it to my "mom"...He put
three dollars in my wallet, and told me not to loan my money to other
patients, like there was something special about those dollars, and there
was...The 3 dollars had been given to me by whom I believe to be angels,
trying to save my neck, and they had some kind of godlike power to
them...The first one was given to me by a worker at the FSU clinic, when I
went there for some tests...When I went to get my medicine from the
pharmacy, a lady took the prescription from me ahead of the pharmacist,
like she was being overly helpful...Then when I paid for the medicine, she
took the receipt from the normal guy, and walked around the pharmacy,
eyeing me all the time and the others "working" there...When nobody was
looking she ran over to me fast, and handed me the receipt, along with a
dollar bill, which she thrust into my hand, clenching both of her hands
around mine...I was surprised, because the change was only like 38 cents,
but she said, "Don't worry about it," and stamped my receipt real hard
with a message that said, "Only copy you will receive!"...I got the
impression that people had died to get that dollar bill into my hands, and
I learned why...

Later that day, it started raining real hard (not very unusual for
Tallahassee), and I had the dollar in the secret compartment in my
wallet...I merely wished to myself that the rain would stop, and lo and
behold, a minute or so later the clouds cleared up, and the rain
stopped...When I say cleared up, I mean I had never seen it happen so fast
in my whole life...One minute the sky was dark black, and the next it was
sunny...I didn't believe in miracles at the time, so I took the dollar out
of my wallet and spent it...It was then that I learned how desperately the
angels or whoever they are were trying to save my ass...

I took a cab home from a walk around town one day, and the cab driver
acted like a real goofball...When I say acted, I mean acting...Because
when we got to my apartment building, I handed him a ten, and I owed him
about four dollars with the tip...He suddenly turned around quick as a
rabbit, and thrust 3 dollars into my hand...I got out, and started walking
to the stairs...Suddenly, I heard a loud bang, and the cab slid over to
the side of the parking lot and ran up against the curb, as if nobody was
driving it...The "driver", a copy of the real one who had taken the space
of the driver in the cab, teleported and exhanged with him, was searching
frantically through the drivers money bag and the cab...I was terrified
and ran upstairs into my apartment and locked the door...When I wound up
in the little mental hospital I am speaking about, those were the three
dollars I am telling of...

I was placed into a room with a wierd guy, a heavy-metal freak...I hadn't
slept for about a week or so, so I laid down on the bed...The guy asked me
if he could borrow a dollar, and being the fool I am, I gave him one...You
need to know this, that I had given the other two dollars to a guy named
Gabriel a short time earlier...After I handed this guy the dollar, he laid
down on his bed, put a Walkman on his head, and began playing heavy-metal
music REAL loud, and chanting along with it...I began to get a queezy
feeling in my stomach...Then this guy got up, and looked at me and said,
"You look tired, man!"...Suddenly, a feeling of total confusion and
dizzyness came over me...I got up, but found I could barely stand...I ran
into the cafeteria a short ways away and in a frenzy, drank some coffee to
try to settle my head from spinning...Instead of doing that, I suddenly
felt as if the whole universe was contracting around me...I started to
black out, when a nurse and Gabriel appeared from nowhere with a
wheelchair...Gabriel told me to sit down, and I did so, and he and the
nurse began pulling me backward towards the lobby...AS they did so, I saw
in my minds eye being pulled backwards out of the center of the
universe...When we reached the door to the lobby, the nurse went through
one of the two swinging doors on the right side of me, but Gabriel stopped
short as if some kind of barrier was in his way...As the nurse pulled me
through the door, I felt my senses coming back, and suddenly everything
was normal and I was ok again...Gabriel said, "I could only hold TWO
back!"...And then I was back to normal, and could stand up with no
problems whatsoever, as if I had just been pulled out of Hell...

After a few more days, I signed myself out and forced my fake dad to take
me home...But they were not done with me yet...I stayed in my room, and
refused to speak to them...Finally, they called the Pet Team from
Cedars-Sanai Medical Center, which is a emergency response team, and lt
them into my room...A doctor was with them, and he asked me a few
questions, and then a bunch of orderlies came in and told me they were
taking me to the hospital and if I refused, they would forcefully take me
out...So I went along with them peaceably...When we arrived at the
hospital, a Dr. Herbert Kaplan took me into a room and asked me to sign
myself in...I refused and he told me about how I could merely sign myself
out the next day if I wanted...He just wanted me to sign the papers...I
refused, and he laid the papers down on my lap, and began walking around
the room with his hands pulled behind his back as if he had a straight
jacket on in a sort of trance...I got scared when he did this, and
signed...He grabbed the papers and ran out...I ran after him, and demanded
that he tear up the papers, and told him I wasn't being forced into
anything anymore...After a few minutes behind the counter, he came out
yelling loudly, "OK, Gary!  I'm tearing up the papers!!", and tore the
papers to shreds...Then a "nurse" took me over to a room and said,
unlocking it, "I think THIS was your room, Gary!"...You notice the past
tense there...

Two days later, Dr. Kaplan, if it WAS Dr. Kaplan, came up to me and said I
was being put on a two-week hold, and tried to force the papers into my
pockets, without success...This was quite illegal...I didn't have a
hearing of any kind, which I DID have the second time they threw me in
there a year or so later...And I didn't see, meet, or talk to any other
doctors or almost anyone else for that matter for those two weeks...The
file on me shows me having almost daily treatment, diagnoses, and
consultations with doctors of all kinds...I am suing for forgery, among
other things...

I was in the day room with two other guys, who started to look around as
if seeing some other place...Suddenly, they jumped up, and ran over to the
pantry door, and went in...They brought out of the pantry a big black guy,
who looked like he had been in there for a week...The two guys shouted,
"WE got him out of there!!"...The two guys were to play an important role
later on...

While walking the halls one day, a short girl came around the corner and
asked me my name...I had never seen her before...She told me her name was
Dawn...I didn't see her again until a day or so later, when one of the
other girl "patients" there went by me with a plant, carrying it as if it
was the last one of it's kind...I purposefully went by and acted like I
could care less about plants, which is a lie...Suddenly Dawn came up
behind me and starting cougthing, as if all the air was being sucked out of
the atmosphere...Then she swiftly ran over to me, grabbed me by the arm
and started to pull me..."Come with Dawn through this doorway!", she
exclaimed...I pulled back, and Dawn let go of my arm, and looked over to
the nurse station, where a black woman "nurse" had looked up..."I was only
taking him for a walk!", Dawn said to her...The nurse came out and said,
"Just WHERE were you taking him?"...She put her hands on Dawn's shoulders
and Dawn went limp...She turned Dawn around so she was facing the front
door, where she had been trying to lead me...The front door opened, and a
tall, bearded heavy-set guy walked in...He stopped right in front of Dawn
and just stood there for a second or two...Then, suddenly, something hit
Dawn from the front and she collapsed in a heap on the floor...I jumped
back about 4 feet through the air, to say the least...

A few days after this, Dawn was sitting in the day room with me and a
number of other people, including one of those two guys...Suddenly, she
looked at the guy and he looked at her intensely...She and this other guy
got up at the same moment, and while I was watching them, and noone else
was, they moved together and jumped backwards and disappeared...Just
disappeared into thin air...I know, because I didn't believe it, and ran
around the corner to see if they had gone around that...They were GONE!! 
Suddenly, the fire alarms went off, and the nurses ran up and forced me
back into the day room...They kept the other people in there as well, all
the time looking around and behind themselves...After a few minutes, I
snuck out of the room and walked up to the nurses station...One of the
nurses exclaimed, "Where's OUR Max?!"...My fathers name...I repeated her
words in my mind, and she touched her nose with her index finger in a
sudden move, which is a silent codeword they use for "Yes"...After a few
moments my fake dad came through the doors and the alarms stopped...

I was released from there at the end of the two weeks, and shipped right
out on the next plane back to Florida, a day too late to register for my
classes at FSU...I have the fake file now...One of the doctors who
supposedly saw me, a Dr. Donald Wallens, was one of the shrinks I saw
after the TV incident, although I didn't know it at the time...

Another time when I was dragged back to LA, I was driven into the
underground parking structure at the Emergency Room at UCLA by my clone
parents...A security guard started walking towards the car, and I started
to open the door so as to run away...My fake dad screamed at me, "No, Son,
don't open that door...I'm begging you!"...It was this that made me
suspect that my real parents were possibly in some other parallel
dimension...I jumped out of the car, but the security guard came running
up and grabbed me...He lifted me off my feet and carried me fifty yards
though the air into the Emergency Room and threw me into one of the empty
rooms...My fake parents signed me into the mental hospital, and there I
was again...After that, I started plotting my revenge...

I hope this has "enlightened" you...

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN
          The world is your playground.  Keep it clean! 

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: What you don't know CAN hurt you!
Keywords: aliens,invasion,stollman
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Date: 17 Aug 92 09:11:33 GMT
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I am sitting here writing this, as my dad sleeps in the room next to
me...Apparently, the aliens and the CIA placed something inside to monitor
him, as I knew from previous experience with the kinds of things I hae
gone through, because every few minutes he lets out a agonizing series of
moans that makes my blood curl and my hate grow...I am going to blow this
thing wide open soon...The assholes that did this to my family are gonna
regret it...I still can't believe what they did to ME in that Emergency
Room in Tallahassee...I don't believe what -I- was able to do...This IS
like something out of the twilight zone...If anyone at FSU is reading
these notes, get your family and friends OUT of the hospital there!! 
After cutting up my dick like they did, I wouldn't put anything past
them...I would advise getting out of FSU as well, as it was
breached also, and clones made of the teachers whose classes I was
in...And the kids who were in my classes were taken as well...FSU may
have the fastest computer in the world, but it don't matter a damn when
you have to go through what I have had to...I feel sorry for the innocent
people there most of all...But the government in town was not innocent!! 
That goes double for Senator, then governor Bob Graham...If he wasn't IN
on it, I sure don't have much to say for his officials...One thing I AM
sure of, this government is gonna fall...It is only a matter of time...

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: Some more about what has happened over the years...
Keywords: aliens,invasion,stollman
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Date: 18 Aug 92 08:11:05 GMT
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This all started back in 1981, when I was attending school at Tallahassee
Community College...I had just come back from my sister's wedding in New
York when wierd things started happening...I started getting phone calls
from people asking for the same person over and over, which continued even
though I told them I wasn't her...At one point, I called the operator to
complain, and get this now...She says, "Well, can't you remember who that
is?"..."Come on, give it a try!"...That was the first indication that
something was screwy in Denmark...Then, I had my mom ship my records and
stereo to me from LA..The UPS delivered one package, but one was
missing...I called my mom, and I instantly knew something was amiss...Her
voice sounded labored and extremely worried, and it sounded like somone
was standing there while she was talking, watching her or something...She
told me that the other package had been delievered downstairs to another
apartment, and to go down and ask them for it...I went downstairs, and
this wierd looking Hindu guy answered the door...I peeked in, and the
place looked like some kind of Bordello...He was nice about it though, and
handed me my package...

When I went back upstairs and called my mom, she seemed to be overly
relieved that I had gotten the package ok...I sensed tenseness in her
voice, but didn't know what it could be from...I forgot something
important...I am tired and it is late, so I am not gonna rewrite
this...Before I went downstairs, my mom told me to call UPS and see if
they had the package...They don't list a local number in information for
UPS in Tally, but the information operator gave me the 800 number for the
office in Jacksonville...After he read off the number he says REAL LOUD,
"And that's a TOLL FREE number!!"...He made it sound like he KNEW all
about the fact that the previous time I had been in Tallahassee, the first
time, I moved into an apartment which had a phone already installed in it,
which somebody had hooked up illegally...I used the phone then to call all
over the country, cause it wasn't showing up on my bill...Then, one night,
the operator caught me, and I hung up quickly...I didn't ever use the
phone again, but later on, after I left Tally, the phone company there
called all over the country to try to find me to make me pay for the
charges...They called my whole family and everybody I had called during
that time...It turned out ok, cause my sister in New York convinced them
that I wasn't responsible, and they dragged the guy who was into
court...But when this smart-alak information operator said that to me, in
a tone of voice that made me suspicious of everything that had been
happening, I knew I was playing with fire!! 

Then, my dad called me one night just before I entered classes at TCC, and
said one of the wierdest things I had ever heard...He asked me if I
remembered the time when we had stayed at some hotel with fancy marble
staircases and crystal chandaleirs...I didn't know what the FUCK he was
talking about!!  I told him we had never been to any such place in our
lives, and asked him what the hell was going on...Then his voice went REAL
low, and he told me that it was ok, and not to worry about it...But I WAS
worried, VERY worried!!  Some kind of serious bullshit was going on with
my parents and the phones, and I didn't know what to think or do...

I got mad and decided to have it out with the phone company and find out
what the hell was going on...I went over to their office, and sat down at
some phone company "representative's" desk...She was REAL nice at first,
and told me she would find out what was happening...She called a number
downtown, and started speaking to someone...She was right in the middle of
the conversation, when suddenly, she looked right at me and shouted, "Do
you know Carol Lewis!!??"...I was startled and told her no...Then she
practically screamed at me, "Do you know where she IS, Gary!!??"...I said,
fearfully, "Well, she's not THERE!!"...Then she hung up the phone, became
SWEET as a lamb, and said, "All right, Mr. Stollman.  We'll take care of
the problems you've been having!"  I thanked her and left...With the
knowledge that whatever was going on was so big, it involved the taking
over of the phone company completely...

Carol Lewis was the name the people who called me asked me for, and it was
later that I remembered why it sounded familiar...I have almost a
photographic memory, and during a previous time in the past, when I was
traveling around the country, I had stopped at a motel somewhere in the
pouring rain...Some guys came in right after I did, and they looked like
the kind of enemies of mine who had been following me all over the country
for years...They walked in and used the phone in the lobby to call a
number...While on the phone, one of the guys asked someone if they had a
Carol Lewis staying there, apparently a hotel or motel...Then he changed
the name slightly and asked if they had a Carol Lewison, or something like
that...He kept on using aliases, until he had exhausted his supply...Then
he and the other guys stood around while I checked in...When I took my
room key, one of the guys stood next to me watching to see what room it
was...When I got up to the room, everything was ok for awhile...But, a few
minutes later, I heard the guys in the room next to me, and it sounded
like they were tearing the walls apart...I was NO stranger to this
happening, as these assholes from California had been following me all
over the country for years...I packed up my stuff, and went down and told
the manager to call the police, that these guys were NUTS!!  He did so,
and gave me another room...

It took me a couple of years to remember that, but it was the same
name...When I gave that name to the FBI in Atlanta some time later, the
girl at the desk picked up a phone, gave them the name, and a few minutes
later she wrote down on a piece of paper dates and prisons that person had
been in, then told me they couldn't help me...She told me that two
"AGENTS" would help me, and two guys who didn't look anything like FBI
agents came out and asked me if I had a place to sleep for the night...I
went to the FBI in Tally for help, but got the runaround there also...I
don't know how we can fight this thing, but fight it we MUST!!

I will write more tomorrow, I didn't get enough sleep last night, and it
is very late...Take care, humans!

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: The continuing saga of my story...
Keywords: aliens,invasion,stollman
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Date: 19 Aug 92 08:00:29 GMT
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I went to TCC to sign up for classes in September of 1981...When I walked
into the signup room, there was a large overhead projector of all the
classes available...I had gotten there the first day of signup, so I could
have a good list to choose from...Most, if not all of the classses being
offered were already taken, and unhappily I went home, after one of the
counselors told me some people might drop their classes the next day...

The next day I came back, and lo and behold, classes had been
dropped...ALL of them!!  I was very suspicous of this and asked a
counselor by the name of Sylvia DeLoach what the heck had happened...She
told me that people had just gotten carried away, that it had never
happened before and never would again...I couldn't believe it but took
this at face value...I signed up for five classes, what I needed to
finish my AA degree...I took Psychology, Meterology, American History,
Art, and Mythology...The school's principal was extremely kind to give me
full credit for my previous academic work at Grossmost College in San
Diego...I started classes in earnest the following week, and evrything
seemed to be normal at first...

Shortly after I started going to class, things began to get strange...In
my Meteorology class, there was a guy in front of me who kept turning
around and saying stuff to me that had nothing whatoever to do with the
class...During our first test, he kept turning around and giving me the
answers or something similar...Then, one day, the instructor, an elderly
woman, started talking about something which had nothing to do with
Meteorology...Then she said, "And there are many lawsuits pending!" and
looked up with a look of utter contempt on her face...The situation
gradually got worse, with the guy in front of me saying stuff loud enough
to be heard by everyone, then turning around and looking at me, as if I
was supposed to know what he was talking about...He did this constantly...

In my Mythology class, the teacher started talking about subjects having
nothing to do with Mythology...Then, one day, after a lot of things which
convinced me that I was being spied on purposefully, she started talking
about a "King" that lived in some islands off the coast of Italy, which I
couldn't understand, especially when she got out maps of the area and
pointed out to us exactly where he lived...I felt I had had enough of it,
and when she got done talking, I raised my hand...She said VERY
hesitantly, "I believe YOU had a question?"...I said, "Yeh, just WHERE did
you say that KING lived!?"...She pointed to the area on the map, and I
said in a loud voice, "Yeh, RIGHT!...A girl who had been sitting next to
me the whole time went, "FUCK!!"...Everybody suddenly quieted down real
low, and I felt as if I was sitting in a prison...

When I went into my next class, American History, the girl sitting next to
me who happened to be in my other class also, did something pretty
strange...She pushed a pen off of her desk, so I would have to pick it
up...She did it on purpose...And she did it REAL slick, too...If I wasn't
as perceptive as I am, you would have though it was not staged...But it
was...Later on in the semester, I pushed a pen off my desk and MADE it
look like it was staged, and she immediately jumped up, and ran to the
front of the room and sat down at a different desk, next to her "CIA
friend" or whatever, who had been playing jackass mindgames all that time

Then, the ultimate proof...At the study session for the midterm in
Meteorology, there was just me and those other guys, who had been
bothering me from the start almost...There was two other guys in there who
had made me think they were there just to spy on me...I decided to try
something, and in the middle of the lecture, I suddenly jumped up and ran
out the front door...Almost instantly, the two guys jumped up...One ran
out the side door and down the side of the building towards the parking
lots, and the other ran out the front door behind me, and went in the same
direction...I had had enough, to say the least...

I went to the head of the counseling department, who was Sylvia
DeLoach...I told her what I thought was going on in my classes, and she
went into her office, and picked up the phone, and asked me who I wanted
her to call to find out about it...I told her I didn't know, and she
suggested the Sheriffs office...She dialed the number, and told her name
and mine, and then she turned to me and said, "It's Sargeant Parramoore,
Gary...He says it's what you're thinking!"...She then told me he said to
meet him at the Courthouse at 5pm and he would tell me all about it...

I had to go to my Psychology class first, and I was trying to think of
somebody who could be a witness to whatever was said...When I got to
class, I made probably the most serious mistake of my life...It turned out
that there had been a flap that week at TCC, in which some guy in my
psychology class had been in the men's room, when he had spotted a hidden
camera in one of the vents...He started to tear it out, when, so the story
went, three security guards came running in and forced him out of
there...The camera was taken out, and any complaints were going to the
Attorney General's office...There was a big story on it in the Tallahassee
Democrat at the time, and when I walked into class, the teacher was
discussing it with him...I figured this was a guy I could trust...So I
asked him if he would come with me to see this Sgt. Parramoore...He said

We got into my car, and then the most peculiar thing happened...While we
were driving down the street, this guy started yelling and screaming out
the window of the car at people, and even if there was noone...He whooped
it up but good, and when we got to the Courthouse, he walked into the
Marriage License Bureau, and asked for the guy...I had never been to the
courthouse before, and so didn't know where his office was...This guy told
me that he had friends out at the Sheriff's Dept. headquarters on
Thomasville Rd., and said he was probably there...So, like a fool, I went
along with it and drove to the Sheriff's office...When we got out of the
car, I knew this guy wasn't quite as "crazy" as he had made out, because
he dropped a paper he was holding on purpose, to see if I would tell him...

We walked into the station house, and he went right into the watch
commanders office and told him we wanted to see Sgt. Parramoore...The
watch commander asked what was going on, and then this "student" asked me
if I would step out of the room for a minute, while he talked to the
officer...I did so, like a fool again, and after about a minute or two,
the door opened...The student told me to come in, and when I did so, I
noticed the demeanor of the watch commander had changed completely...He
was looking at me like I was some kind of mass murderer...The student sat
down in a chair nearby, and I sat down at the watch commanders desk...I
told the officer what had been going on in my classes, and he listened
carefully, although it was clear that nothing I was saying meant anything
meaningful anymore to him...Then when I told about how I believed these
people could be enemies of mine, the "student" spoke up...He said, "Why,
nobody would do such a thing, Gary, unless there was a PLOT TO KILL THE
PRESIDENT!!"...He shouted that part...I knew then that I was sunk, and
sure enough, the watch commander asked me if I had a counselor, and I told
him yes, and he asked for the phone number, and called her up...By the
way, I had gotten this counselor through the telephone operator, and she
worked out of an office near the main hospital in town...That is to say, I
had called information to get the number for the place, and the
information operator had told me the woman's name, and made an appointment
for me to start seeing her...Just one of the queer things going on at that
time...I just went along with it all, out of fear for my parents lives,
which is a more involved part of the story...

Anyways, he got my counselor on the phone, and she somehow knew I had gone
to the Attorney General's office for help...She asked me to go into a
small mental hospital there called Project Path...I refused, and told her
I had better ideas...She practically begged me to go in, but I was
adamant...After I hung up, the watch commander tried to convince me to go
in also, but I just walked outside...I had to wait for my "friend" and
after a few minutes he came outside...I drove him back to TCC, and this
time he didn't yell out the window at all, just talked to me about my
problems, and how I should try to solve them...When we got back, he got
out, but asked me to come to his birthday party that weekend...I told him
SURE, like I was gonna have anything to do with a CIA agent or whatever he
was, which I was sure of cause he must have flashed some kind of
HEAVY-DUTY ID at that cop for him to treat me like that, and from the bit
about the plot to kill the President...

Coming next time...How the Florida government was taken over and involved...

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: How I discovered that the Florida government had been taken over!!
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Date: 27 Aug 92 06:09:05 GMT
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Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: How I discovered the Florida government had been overthrown!!!
Keywords: aliens, invasion,stollman

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: How I discovered that the entire Florida government was involved...
Keywords: aliens,invasion,stollman

The day before I went to the Sheriff's Dept. in Tallahassee to speak to
someone who was supposed to tell me wht was going on, I went up to the
State Capitol to ask the Attorney General's office WHO had put a camera in
the bathrooms at TCC, and WHO these people were in my classes who were
obviously spying on me.  I walked into the office and a secretary took my
name, and asked me to have a seat.  She disappeared into the back, and I
waited.  After a few minutes, a different secretary came out, and walked
over to the desk, sat down, picked up the phone, and shouted, "HELLO,
OPERATOR, OPERATOR!!" into it.  This was obviously strange, because the
phone had not rung, and I didn't see any of the buttons lit either.  Then
she told me that the Attorney General was a VERY busy man, and didn't have
time to see me, but that if I would go over to a certain office at one of
the downtown buildings, the Director of Consumer Affairs would try to help

I thought this was BS, from the moment she had shouted that into the phone
like that, but I went over to the guy's office anyways.  It was in the
basement of a building, with only a paper sign on the door.  I walked in,
and saw only two desks and a few phones.  A guy was talking on one of the
phones about how he could get lots of money running stolen cars to other
states.  He was talking REAL loud, and told me to just have a seat for a
minute.  After a minute or two, he put the phone down, and asked who I
was.  I told him, and he said LOUDLY, "Oh, you'll have to wait for the
CHIEF!!"  He invited me to sit down at the "Chief's" desk.  I did so. 
After a few minutes, a guy walked in.  He was about six feet tall, with a
short mustasche, and looked like he hadn't slept in about a week.  He
ploped down in the chair across from me, slumped over the chair, and just
lay there staring at me.  After a few moments, he pulled himself upright,
looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "WHY are these people following
you?"  I was taken aback, as I had NEVER told them about that at the
Attorney General's office, I had said that at the Governor's office, where
I had gone the day before that to try to get some answers.  A
representative of the Governor, then Bob Graham, had listened to me say
that, and before I could even explain the situation to him, told me
bluntly that nobody would do that unless they had some kind of incredible
reasoning behind it, and there WAS no reason.  I found this to be an
unusual thing to say, judging from the "supposed" fact that they didn't
know me.  

I almost jumped when this guy who looked like something out of a CIA spy
novel asked me that.  I said nervously, "I DON'T KNOW!!"  Then, he leaned
back in his chair and said, "Well, if they wanted to get rid of you, they
would simply have WASTED you!!"  Then he started talking a whole bunch of
unrelated drug paraphenalia-type talk, which I took to see whether I was
involved in drugs somehow.  He went on like this for a few minutes,
watching my face REAL closely, then he stopped.  He looked disgusted.  He
pratically pleaded with me, "Come on, Gary!  There must be SOME reason
these people are following you!!  Maybe you SAW something or DID
something!!  You must have done SOMETHING to piss these people off!"  I
was VERY scared about the whole conversation by now, so I merely said,
"Well, maybe I saw something!"  Then he asked me if I had ever taken down
any license numbers of the cars that were following me.  I told him I had
made a list at one time.  He suddenly sat straight up in his chair, then
leaned way out across the desk and said sharply, "I NEED that list!!" 
Knowing full well what he was all about now, I merely said I didn't have
it anymore.  He really looked disgusted, and then he stood up.  He told me
he couldn't help me, but if I ever got bothered again, or saw any cars I
remembered, to give him a call and he would run the licenses.  He gave me
a card on which was printed a different name than the one he gave me, Len
Sprigling, and crossed out the name and wrote in his with a different
phone number also.  I could but guess who he REALLY was, and what he would
do to the people who had been following me around if I gave him the list. 
I had NO doubt that this guy was with the CIA and that the whole thing was
a complete setup.  I was convinced of this a month later, when I walked
back into that "office" and told him I HAD the list.  He reached his hand
across the desk and said softly, "May I HAVE it??"  I told him it was in
my head, and he said, "OH!  GOOD MEMORY!!"  Then he told me he couldn't
help me, and to get the hell out of his office.  I did so, but instead of
leaving out to the street, I leaned down and took a drink of water from a
fountain near the door.  A few seconds after I had started drinking, he
and his "partner" opened the door REAL fast and looked out.  When they say
me standing there drinking, they ran back inside and slammed the door.  I
ran back to the door, only to hear them talking OVERLY loud to each
other, pretending they were busily involved in a "consumer" case.  I knew
what business they were in, though.

This convinced me that the entire Florida government had been subjegated. 
When I called the INFORMATION OPERATOR from a phone at FSU, after the
failed attempt to see that officer the next day, in an attempt to get in
touch with him, she asked me, "Have you ever MET Sgt. Parramoore??"  This
was the friggin' operator asking this!  A few seconds later, two guys in
track suits carrying walkie-talkies came running up and took down the
number of the pay phone I was at.  When they started walking away, I
yelled, "YOU'RE CRAZY!!" at them, and then they broke into a trot, and ran
to a car with an antenna on it, and drove away REAL fast.  This sort of
thing would become commonplace in the days to come.  I would drive
somewhere, and a guy in a suit would pull up next to me, and get out of
the car carrying a walkie-talkie.  Everytime I would go to a pay phone,
and call a friend's house or my parents, someone would drive up with
sunglasses on, and get out carrying a walkie-talkie, and just stand there
eyeing me.  One time, I had some friends go with me when I made a call at
FSU to my parents, and they witnessed someone do just this.

The day after I tried to see Sgt. Parramoore, I went to the courthouse
looking for him.  I went up to his office, on the third floor, and walked
in.  I remembered though, what the operator had said to me the night
before, and got what I was expecting.  There was a guy in there all right,
with two secretaries, who had a uniform on with the nametag and all, but
who I soon had reason to doubt was anyone even remotely related to Sgt.
Parramore.  The moment I stepped in the door, one of the "secretaries"
said to the other one, "OH GOD!  I don't know if I can DO this!!"  Then
the two of them started picking up the phones in the office, and saying
stuff like, "Oh, Sgt. Parramoore, there's a murder out on Lake Road!!  Oh,
Sgt. Parramoore, Mr. Hanson is out on bail!!"  It was all pretend and I
knew it and I think that maybe they knew I knew it, but had to do it
anyways to make it all look good.  Sgt. "Parramoore" would respond with,
"Oh, DAMNIT!  Not AGAIN!!"  Then he asked me what MY problem was.  When I
told him "he" had told me to come by the day before, he told me he didn't
know what I was talking about, and held his finger up and said, "I'm about
THIS close to a breakdown today!!  Go on and get out of here!!"  I walked
out.  One of the "secretaries" followed me to the elevator and held it
open for me.  I told her I would wait for the next one, and she went
down.  Not as far as I would have liked though.  

The next day, I decided to take matters to as far as I could go, and
called up the Secret Service in Jacksonville.  I told the agent who
answered the phone the kinds of stuff that had been happening to me, but
he was reluctant to offer any help.  He told me that they only dealt with
threats to the President's life.  So I told him what my "classmate" had
said about a "plot to kill the President."  He said quickly, "Well, you
just said the MAGIC WORD, Gary!!"  He told me he would call me back the
next morning and get all the details, and for me to make notes to myself
to remind myself of all that had taken place so he could get it straight.  

The next morning, I waited for him to call, but after two hours had gone
by past the time he had told me, I decided to call the office myself. 
This time, I got a different agent, who asked me what my name was.  He
immediately told me that I was mistaken, and that they weren't interested
anymore.  I asked him if I could speak to the agent I had talked to the
day before, and he told me that he had gone on vacation.  When I pushed
the point, he told me I was crazy and to go check into a mental hospital,
and then he hung up.  

When I told this last part to the people on GEnie, one girl begged me not
to write any more of my story, because this part had scared her to death. 
But it is the TRUTH...

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 92 20:05:01 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest) 
Summary: How this government destroyed my life...

I am Gary Stollman, the person who pulled the toy gun on Tv Consumer
Advocate David Horowitz on live television at the set of KNBC in 1987,
forcing him to read a statement on the air about how the CIA and aliens
had replaced my family and friends with clones.  I gained access to the
studios because my father, Max Stollman, had been a reporter for the
station as a spokesman for pharmacy.  My father is a pharmacist, and owner
of our pharmacy, Family Pharmacy, in Beverly Hills, California.  He is a
past president of the California Pharmacists Association and the winner of
a nationwide prize for being the best pharmacist in the country.  

In 1981, while attending school in Tallahassee, Florida, it became
apparent to me that I had people in my classes who were placed there for
the sole purpose of spying on me and driving me insane.  These facts were
beared out by several sources, including a friend whose father worked for
the CIA who had obtained my file and had urged me repeatedly to get off of
computers, telling me that they didn't trust people on computers and would
ruin my life.  I didn't believe at the time that this could be possible,
and so ignored his warnings.  It soon became evident that he was correct.  

In December of 1981, I was forced to sign myself into a small mental
facility in town by a counselor at Tallahassee Community College, who had
refused to allow me to continue my studies unless I did so, after I had
brought the things happening in my classes to her attention.  In the
hospital, my father called me on a pay phone, and asked me if I knew if
the conversation was being monitored.  This was a total shock, as my dad
has no knowledge of such things, and could have only meant that he was
being forced to ask it by someone over him, and that he was probably
confined in some kind of government prison camp.  He then said other
things which indicated to me that this was indeed the case.  Then my
sister called me and told me that my brother-in-law had gone insane from
the EXACT same kind of things which had been happening to me for the past
six or seven months.  I was totally shocked, as he was one of the
strongest guys I had ever met, when I had flown to New York for her
wedding to him that year.  She said he had lost his job because of it, and
when she put him on the phone I asked him desperately exactly what kinds
of things had happened, but he was so upset and nervous that he couldn't
even speak about it.  I immediately went to one of the doctors there and
demanded to be released.  She told me that I had the right to sign myself
out, and I asked for the form to sign.  She reluctantly gave it to me,
telling me that she didn't think I was READY to be released.  I filled out
the form, and she asked me if I would sign another form to sign myself
back in again.  I adamantly refused, and she went into a closed room with
some other people who "worked" there.  After I had gotten off the phone
with my sister, I had demanded to see these other workers IDs, and they
told me they didn't have to show me their IDs.  

After a few minutes, the door to the room opened and this woman
psychiatrist came out and told me I was being put on an emergency hold,
and was being transferred to the main mental hospital in town.  I
immediately jumped on the phone and called up a friend of mine who worked
at Florida State University and told him to get me an attorney.  After a
few minutes, some Sheriff's Deputies came into the facility and took me
forcibly to the other hospital.  At the other facility, I was told that I
had the right to sign myself in voluntarily, but that if I didn't they
would seek a court order to keep me there, a law known in Florida as the
Baker Act.  I felt it was in my best interest and so signed myself in.  A
few days later, an attorney from the Public Defenders Office, whom my
friend had called, came by and told me to just sit tight and go along with
it, and in a few days I would be released.  My mother called me, and said
things which indicated to me that somehow she was possibly in the same
boat as I believed my father was.  However, I kept my cool, and a few days
later, I was transferred back to the smaller facility and shortly
afterwards released.

Since that first unlawful and wrongful first admission, I have over the
past ten years been forced ILEGALLY by forces beyond any normal human
being's control into many mental hospitals.  In some cases, my signature
was actually forged on the admission forms to confine me.  Most of the
cases, however, involved either my "parents" or the police or other
officials throwing me by physical force into locked wards, where I was
told that if I wouldn't sign myself in VOLUNTARILY, they would go to court
and have a judge put me into the facility involuntarily!  I was coerced
by these means to sign myself into long periods of confinement, far away
from friends or family in some cases.  

During the time previous to these things happening, I lived happily in
Tallahassee, content on simply going to school, and becoming a computer
programmer.  However, I began to get strange phone calls from my parents,
which indicated that something was wrong, although I couldn't put my
finger on it at the time.  When these calls went to the point of
incredulity, I began to suspect that there were other, very powerful forces
at work.  I had been followed around the country for many years by people
from California, who I believe were rich enemies I had accidently made in
the course of living there and going to school.  I began to have people
bothering me while attending Grossmont Community College in San Diego
during the period of 1971-1973.  When I left there early, and used an
inheritance from my grandmother to travel around the country looking for a
4-year school to go to, I began to notice cars from California with the
same license numbers everywhere I went.  I began to have people bother me
at museums, national parks, etc., wherever I would go.  I believe this may
have all started from a bus trip I took when I was sixteen with a bunch of
rich kids from Los Angeles.  I got into a fight with a few of them over
some girls on the bus, and they swore they would get even with me the rest
of my life.  If you don't think people are this crazy, you need to move to

This story is much more involved that what I am putting on here in these
few paragraphs, but suffice it to say that this involves the entire
past government of Florida, and the past two administrations.  After I was
released from the first hospitalization, my mom came to see me, and I KNEW
that it was NOT my real mother.  The voice was different, and I have
perfect pitch, and she almost ripped the door to my bedroom off with her
bare hands.  I went running off into the night in terror, and wound up
driving to Cincinnati, where I was picked up by some police in events too
involved and strange to get into in this note.  For more information, I
would suggest that you read past notes from the news groups
alt.alien.visitors or alt.conspiracy, where I have been writing for some time.

The gist of this note is this.  The things which have happened to me have
been extremely severe and extremely serious.  They indicate that the
government has knowledge of alien beings and techniques involving the
cloning of human beings and forces we can barely comprehend.  It is also
quite apparent that the government is bypassing the Constitution, to a
degree which is scarcely believable.  The entire telephone system of LA
and Tallahassee has been subverted, and everyone I have contact with has
reported having problems with their phones, and believe they are being
tapped.  From what I have read here on Usenet and the way I was placed
into these hospitals with such ease, it is possible that the entire US
medical profession has been overthrown, and replaced by clones.  Now, I
realize what I am saying, but you would need to review the kinds of things
that I have gone through to understand the full implications of what I am

In November of last year, my mom had a stroke, and had bypass surgery. 
Although she survived the operation, she was left paralzyed on the left
side.  I was in Tallahassee at the time, with my girlfriend, who was
living with me.  I gradually had a nervous breakdown, because of the
situation regarding my mom, and wound up having things happen to me
similar to the ones which have been going on for ten years.  I ran out
into the street and lay down on the ground, screaming for help of ANY
kind.  People began rushing up to me, asking how they could help.  After a
few minutes, other people came up and these people ran off.  To try to
describe actual events would make you hop the nearest plane to the most
remote area in South America in terror.  Suffice it to say that an
ambulance came, and I was placed onto a stretcher and put in the back.  I
offered no resistance, and was taken to the Emergency Room at Tallahassee
Memorial Hospital.  There I was unloaded and placed into a small room. 
Some people who were in the room began strapping me down to the stretcher
with heavy tie-downs, all the time saying things about how "That's how we
do it in Texas!", and similar bullshit.  After running people in and out
of the room for almost fifteen minutes, to see who they could trust, a
"doctor" came in and pulled down my shorts and taking a scapel, cut my
dick on each side.  I bled profusely and screamed in agony but the nice
man told me it would be over soon.  Then without anyone stopping to help
in any way or do anything, I was placed back in the ambulance and taken to
Tallahassee Memorial Psychiatric Hospital, and throw into a locked room to
lay and bleed.  If I were to tell you what happened there, you would hop
that plane, or call up NASA to see if there were any flights going to
Mars.  Suffice it to say that I, once again, had to check myself IN to get
OUT.  After two weeks of nightmarish events, I was discharged, and my
girlfriend took me home.  

The point of this note is THIS!  WHY is the government of George Bush and
Ronald Reagan still in power?!  I know they sure wouldn't be if I had had
the intelligence to simply walk out of the Burbank Police Station five
years ago like I could have!  Only my utter stupidity and fear of the
unknown made me let myself be arrested, for the police did NOT want to
arrest me.  They wanted me to go into another mental hospital, and
although I should have, I kept my mouth shut tight, and so they arrested
me on trumped-up charges, and I have had to suffer a living hell for four
years to avoid having a felony record.  FSU has turned me down for
re-admission, unless I go to another shrink, so I have decided on an
alternate course for my life.  I am going to be filing a lawsuit in a
little time against the government that has done this to me.  And I can
only tell you this...If George Bush gets re-elected, you all had better
find a flight to somewhere, preferably Tombago!

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: How I discovered that the clones were being created at hospitals...
Message-ID: <>
Date: 6 Sep 92 06:44:39 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest)
Lines: 167

It was the summer of 1982.  I had spent time in two mental hospitals by
this time, the first one, at PATH and Goodwood Mental Hospital in
Tallahassee, (Goodwood is no longer there) and Rollman Psychiatric Center
in Cinncinati, Ohio, which I was forced into after driving away from town
in terror when I knew that my mom had somehow been replaced, and half the
Sheriff's Dept. showed up at my apartment to try to force me into PATH
again.  I had to lie to my dad and promise him that I would go into a
halfway house to get him to drive me back to Tallahassee from Ohio.  When
we got back, I took all my stuff and moved into Colony Club Apartments,
where I live to this day, mainly because it is the closest one to school
and has what I consider to be the best swimming pool in town.

I had gotten back to FSU too late to get into any classes, so I spent most
of my time on the Plato computer system programming and learning.  Plato
is the greatest education machine in the world, or I should say WAS, as
CDC, their parent company, just filed for chapter 11, and Plato is gone
from FSU now.  My greatest dream was to become a Plato programmer, but
that one went the way of my life in the 80's.  I learned quite a bit, but
kept on thinking about how I had been ill-treated at the hospitals, and
how my "mom" had almost taken the door off of my apartment with her bare
hands, and other things that indicated that some of the police were
involved in the conspiracy.  I just couldn't set my mind on anything
positive for very long without those thoughts of the terrors I had seen
and gone through coming back again and again.  I finally had a nervous
breakdown from this, when school was out, and everybody left town, as they
do at FSU.  I wound up driving back to LA in the middle of the night,
because things started happening around me again, which led me to the
belief that a serious flaw I had seen in the Arpanet one time, could lead
to nuclear war.  I will be the first to admit that I really went off the
deep end several times, but the end result was finding out that I wasn't
half wrong about a REAL threat to the human race.  

I wound up losing my car at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, and some
"security guards" picked me up and drove me over to a hospital, after
getting a warrant from a court to place me in there for observation.  They
were unlike any security guards I had ever met before.  After they dropped
me off at the hospital, I was so fed up with the bullshit that I simply
walked out of the place, as I was left in the main waiting area.  I went
to a motel where a Eastern-type "manager" tried to sign MY name to the
check-in card.  This whole thing involves a lot of Eastern types, who are
really demons overseeing the devilish stuff of my enemies, who are true
devil-worshippers.  At least this is the gist of what I have learned while
this has all been going on.  

Anyways, I checked into the motel, then ran away in terror when the
"manager" told me he had to have a key to the room so he could come in
during the night.  I was in a state of mind by then, that I didn't know
whether up was down or vice-versa.  And so, I wandered around Houston for
the rest of the night until the morning.  I started bothering people at a
Denny's when things happened that I couldn't handle anymore, and a short
while later, the police showed up and threw me into the back of a squad
car and drove me to Ben Taub Hospital.  On the way, they said stuff which
made me start to wonder about whether they were really the REAL police
officers they were making out to be.  

When we got to Ben Taub, they handcuffed me, and put me in a long
corridor, and sat me down on a bench.  One of the cops told me that he
would soon take the cuffs off me, but that they had to wait.  I asked what
they were waiting for, and he said, "Why, it's ALL on the computers, Gary!
 YOU should know THAT!!"  Then suddenly over the intercom system came a
loud bang, and a hysterical voice shouted, "BREAK-IN UNIT FIVE!!"  Then,
there was a muffled cry, and a few seconds later, "BREAK-IN UNIT THREE!!" 
Shots rang out over the intercom.  "BREAK-IN UNIT NINE!!"  "BREAK-IN UNIT
TWO!!"  "THIS IS UNIT TWELVE, WE HAVE A BREA..."  Shots.  Then silence. 
The "police officer" holding the keys to my handcuffs smiled broadly and
began swinging the keychain around his finger.  I was too scared to think
about what the FUCK was going on, but I made up my mind that I was gonna
find out.  I looked up at the policeman and said, "What's going on??" 
"Nothing's going on, Gary!", came the reply.  "They're just having heart
attacks!"  I tried to utilize every facet of my fine wit.  "Are you MAKING
them have the heart attacks??", I asked carefully.  "NO, Gary!", came the
response.  "They're having them voluntarily!!"  I sorted my computer-like
mind through this data as fast as possible and came up with another
question.  "Do you kill them by giving them heart attacks??"  "No, Gary!",
in a almost jolly mood.  "They come in for two weeks, and then they
leave."  I pondered.  "Do you make them do what YOU want them to do after
that??"  I asked the right question.  "No, Gary!"  "They come in for two
weeks and then they can be anyone they want to be!!"  By this time, I was
scared shitless, and KNEW these people or whatever they were were playing
for keeps.  

Then the police officer walked over to a microphone hooked onto the wall
and picked it up.  He put it to his mouth, and waited.  A voice came over
the intercom, not HIS voice.  "This is officer (making up a name here)
Gamble. Rea"...The police officer started speaking into the microphone, as if
on cue.  ..."dy to report to section Nine."...HIS voice replaced the one
on the intercom.  He then handed the keys to an orderly, took off his
uniform, under which was a set of street clothes, and walked out.  A man
wearing a doctor's smock was standing there next to the bench, nervous as
hell.  Suddenly, from down the long corridor, two big, husky black
orderlies came, escorting an EXACT DOUBLE of the man standing next to
me.  They came up, and the "second doctor" took the place of the "first
doctor", who was "escorted" out by the two men with his head hung down
low, as if he were being taken away to be killed or something similar. 
The "new doctor" stood there, and I, having nothing else brilliant to
think of, said, "YOU'RE not my doctor!!"  The double replied, "YES, I'm
your doctor, Gary!"  A minute after that, a black orderly took the cuffs
off me, and took me down the corridor.  We were about to go out of the
back of the building, where I saw stacks of body bags which looked filled.
 I was about to scream for my dear life, when suddenly the black guy threw
open a door, and pushed me quickly through it.  He pulled me up some
stairs real fast, and shoved me into a locked ward, and slammed the door
behind him.  

A blone-haired male "nurse" came up to me and started asking me questions.
 I responded as best I could, being VERY careful about my answers.  He
then took me into a small room and closed the door.  He seemed extremely
nervous, as if something was about to happen.  He kept looking at his
watch and then up at a mirror up on the top of the wall, alternating back
and forth between them every few seconds.  He took QUICK glances, as if he
knew some kind of camera was hidden behind the mirror and was timing it. 
He then told me hurriedly that in a few minutes I would be taken back into
the main room and be given a blood pressure test.  He took my arm around
the elbow with his and held it TIGHTLY.  He kept squeezing my arm and
pulling it, without glancing down at it, as if someone was watching him
closely.  Then he started wrinkling his nose at me, as he pulled my arm
again and again, as if trying to tell me something with the facial
expressions.  Then he looked one final time at his watch, and gave me a
look like the end of the world was at hand, and took me back out into the
main room and sat me down in a chair.  I went along with all of it and
didn't make a sound, as I knew something extremely bad was going on.

After a few minutes, a real big black "orderly" came into the unit.  He
sat down at the table and started to give me a blood pressure test.  He
wrapped the blood pressure cuff around my arm and then...

I am sorry I can't finish the story.  I am NOT joking, and the rest of it
up to that point is the TRUTH as I know it.  For reasons of "National
Security", that would be putting it mildly, I cannot tell you what
happened next...I won't!!  This is NO bullshit attempt at getting
attention, or melodramatics.  This is the future of the frigging human
race we are talking about!!!  I was going to keep this part to myself
until the right time, I have had a long, long time to think it over, and
decided that this stuff is best kept under wraps until the proper time to
tell it, which won't be much longer now.  I have been through TOO much
damn suffering for TOO long to blow our chances at getting revenge of
these mother-fuckers and father-fuckers.  My real dad was in a fucking CIA
PRISON CAMP for over five long years!!!  My real mom was switched back and
forth during that time with her clone, but they kept my father to the
last.  When I was taken to the LA County Jail, which is being RUN by ALIEN
CLONES, they gave me my one phone call and my REAL dad spoke to me for the
first time in years, but I was so mad with hate, I wouldn't even say hello
to him, and so he turned the phone, (after a click) over to my real mom,
who told me I had made the wrong decision NOT to take the police offer of
going into a mental hospital instead of jail.  I didn't see my real father
until two years later!!  I could tell you things that would make you run
like hell for the farthest corner of the earth to hide, and I ain't
playing games!!  I will tell you this much...THE ENTIRE PHONE SYSTEM IN
LOS ANGELES IS BEING MONITORED...If you don't believe me, fine, I can't
say I didn't TRY!!  I am not out to scare you, but you should be scared!! 
I have an IQ of over 150, know about 20 computer languages, and have an
ALMOST, not complete, photographic memory...If you want to dismiss this as
crap, that's up to you, but it will be YOUR children who are left the
legacy of whether or not they will have the government fucking up THEIR
lives the way this government has done to me!!  I am sorry for having to
put it so bluntly or crazy-sounding, but this is WAR!!!  

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: You think this is some kind of a JOKE??!!
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Date: 8 Sep 92 17:07:17 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest)
Lines: 32

Some people on here still think I am kidding around or something!  Listen,
over 7 YEARS ago, when this all started, I went to Longo Totota in El
Monte, Calif. here to have my car fixed.  I used one of the phones that
were on the salesman's desks to call my parents store, without anyone's
permission.  About two seconds after my mom answered the phone, EVERY
SINGLE PHONE in the dealership started ringing at the same time, one ring,
then died.  The salesmen couldn't pick them up fast enough, and were
asking each other what the HELL was going on.  I didn't have to ask.  It
has happened to me before.  When I went to USC-ISI, the computer site in
Marina Del Rey on the Arpanet, where I spent two years, day and night, in
1977-79, in 1986, and made a call from Rick Shiffman's office (my mentor
in the world of the Arpanet) to the pharmacy, EVERY single phone started
ringing, then stopped.

When I called Joan two months ago from a pay phone at UCLA, the pay phone
next to me started ringing.  I picked it up, and a guy started talking
Spanish at a fast clip.  He obviously had gotten connected to the wrong
number somehow.  This was NOT an unrelated incident, I'm afraid!  Every
time I go to a pay phone here in LA, the pay phones next to me all start
ringing when I call the store.  Also, there is some kind of SERIOUS
interference when you try to call information.  When I call from a pay
phone, I mean.  When I call from MY phone, I hear a recorded voice of an
operator, and then a DIFFERENT operator takes over!!  It is time to get
out the guns, I'm afraid.  And I don't even believe in the wretched things!

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Message-ID: <>
Date: 11 Sep 92 17:30:51 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest)
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I just got back from the Social Security Office here, and I was given the
runaround by some woman who I am CONVINCED was not whoever she was
pretending to be.  ALSO, the restaurants here and the hotels have been
taken over, because of the types of things that have happened to my sister
when she was staying at a hotel here.  This message is now going VERY slow
across my computer screen, which also shows how deeply the involvement of
this is.  ALL of Pacific Bell is involved, and ATT as well!  Tell your
friends, tell your neighbors, get ready to fight for your lives!!

When I call this system, there is a pinging noise in place of the click
when netcom answers.  Pacific Bell was just "working" on ALL their lines
the other day!  This is not new to ME.  I have been living this nightmare
for 10 years!!!

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: I have just found out what has been going on!!!
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Date: 9 Oct 92 20:19:53 GMT
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I have just returned from a foree into the world of the unknown for the
umteenth time, where I learned exactly who and why this has all been
happening to me.  It turns out that I am a special angel put here by God
to bring peace and happiness to the world.  I was taken over by Jesus, and
he in turn saved my family and friends.  I drove all over California in my
car, although the distances were altered by God moving my car through
space, and one minute I was driving near Santa Barbara, and then the next
minute I was back in Pasadena, where I was taken out of the car by angels
after stopping as told by God in the middle of an intersection.  I
performed other functions for God as well, including being the vehicle
through which Jesus has started the Second Coming.  It would take a VERY
long article to explain it all in detail, but suffice it to say that I am
back in the real world now, except that now I have Jesus(a small part of
him) inside me to guide me, and I met an angel of an old girlfriend of
mine, who put her soul into me, and I have both inside me now.  I KNOW
this sounds like channeling or something like that, but this is the truth
as best as I know it.  God was speaking to me directly, and through his
commands, I was transported through places unimaginable by anyone of
normal standards, if there is such a thing.  I will get back on tonight,
and give you some more details.  

	Gary Stollman

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Good Job!
Summary: Nobody can argue with the truth.
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Date: 19 Oct 92 15:26:32 GMT
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This message is for Michael Corbin.  I am very happy to see postings from
you, Mike.  I just read the one about trying to put down Stanton Friedman
and the Gulf Breeze Sightings, which you defended so well.  I just want to
put in my two cents worth for everyone here to know.  I know people here,
not all of them but a lot of them think I'm a "kook" as well, even more so
than most other people because of the unimaginable things I speak about. 
But I want to tell you, Mike, and everyone else on here, that I went to
the UFO convention here in LA with a completely open mind.  I especially
wanted to meet John Lear, as John Grace (aka Val Valerian) has been
helping me with my book, and who, with John Lear, tried to get in touch
with me in jail after I was arrested for the David Horowitz thing.  I can
tell you that I found John Lear to be a very compassionate and honest man.
 He was very kind to me, and even took me to dinner with another friend of
his.  He also introduced me to Linda Moulton Howe, who is a FOX of the
highest caliber, and I had NO reason whatsoever to disbelieve anything any
of the people of their statue had to say after having met them personally.
 I am a VERY good judge of human character, and they came across to me as
honest people just doing a special task which requires an open and
positive mind.  I KNOW John Lear believes in what he knows and that it is
true.  I am not sure if possibly he has been receiving disinformation, but
if he has, he feels it is the truth.  I personally, except for the
channeling crap, believe everything I heard those two days.

Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.visitors,alt.conspiracy
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: The story of the Millenium
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Date: 23 Mar 93 03:38:13 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
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I am posting this to the new alt.paranet.ufo group set up by Mike Corbin
and also to alt.alien.visitors and alt.conspiracy in order to let people
on the net who have followed my story and those who never heard it before
find out about the incredible things I am claiming have happened to me...

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Gary Stollman, and I am the
person who in 1987 jumped onto the live set of KNBC in Los Angeles,
California and held a toy gun to the head of TV Consumer Advocate David
Horowitz and forced him to read a statement about how the CIA and aliens
had replaced my family and friends with clones, and forced me illegally
into many mental hospitals.  Although the original show was pulled off the
air, it made the rounds of other networks after the incident.  I
understand it also made International news and the front pages of many
foreign papers as well.  

In that statement I had Horowitz read were examples of information I had
garnered about UFOs, which have been verified to me since then by
independent sources.  One of these concerned the status of so-called
"Hangar 18", the now infamous place in Ufology where bodies of the alien
crash at Roswell had been taken.  I was attending Lively Vo-Tech here in
Tallahassee, Florida in 1984, when my Electronics teacher told me he had
worked at Wright-Patterson AFB, and described to me in detail the kinds of
things going on there.  "Hangar 18", now refered to as the Environmental
Control Building, is one of the most highly guarded buildings on the
planet.  He described to me how guards armed with machine-guns rotate
around the edges of the building with guard dogs, so that as one turns
the corner, another comes around the other side at the same moment, so as
to keep a continual field of view.  Although he did not work in the
building, he knew a clerk who did.  This person told him about the many
alien artifacts contained in the building, and verified that there were
indeed alien bodies in deep freeze therein.  My teacher only relayed this
information to me after I told him of my deep interest in UFOs, and my
terrifying situation at that time.  He told me that he would never admit
to telling me these things in a court of law, as the government could make
things hard for him at his business.  He then told me, surprisingly to me,
that he believed my story, and said he was going down to Orlando to speak
to a friend of his in the military concerning it.  He believed me enough
to work out a password with me, in the event that he himself was replaced.

A few weeks later, after ascertaining that something was definitely wrong
with my instructor, he was indeed replaced.  I know this because when I
asked his clone for the password, he not only didn't know it, I could tell
that he had read my teacher's mind, because he tried to fake his way out
of it.  Although he didn't know what the password was, he knew the first
part, but then tried to infer what the rest of it was from me.  I didn't
say a word, as I knew that my real teacher's life might depend on my
silence.  But once again, I was faced with the fact that someone I had
divulged my experiences to had been replaced.  

In case you are wondering by now how this all got started, suffice it to
say that in 1981, I was attending Tallahassee Community College in order
to finish up my AA degree.  Events in my classes led me to believe that
there were people placed in all my classes keeping me under keen
observation for some unknown reasons.  At first I believed these could be
enemies of mine, which had been following me around the entire country for
many years before I ever got to Tallahassee.  These enemies were from
California, where I had moved from New Jersey when I was 10.  In 1973,
while attending Grossmont Community College in San Diego, I began to
notice wierd guys hanging around my apartment building, and following me
around town.  I suspect it all started on a bus trip around the country I
was sent on by my mom when I was 16, which was populated mostly by very
rich kids from Beverly Hills.  I made friends with a girl who some of
these rich guys were stuck on, and she dumped them for me.  After
practically murdering me in a motel room in Williamsburg, Virginia on the
trip, these guys swore they would get even with me if it took them the
rest of their lives.  If you don't think people like this exist, you need
to live in LA for awhile!  

Anyways, suffice it to say that despite having incidents occur to me, I
left Grosssmont in the summer of 1974 on a trip around the country to
check out colleges I might be interested in attending, using an
inheritance from my grandmother.  I didn't know anyone was following me at
all, until I stopped to see Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia.  As I was
coming out of the cave tour, I noticed a car from California that I
thought I had seen somewhere before.  not being one to allow anyone to
screw with my life at that time, I stood next to the car and waited.  When
the people who owned the car came out of the tour just behind mine and
started walking toward their car, they saw me standing next to it. 
Immediately, they all turned around, and ran into the gift shop.  As I
stood there watching them, it was obvious that they weren't looking for
gifts, but kept staring at me out the windows of the gift shop.  I wanted
to make sure, so I went into the gift shop when they weren't looking, and
stood next to some of them.  One of them asked if I was still there, and
before the other could answer, he noticed me next to them.  A look of
utter terror and hatred came over this person's face, and they just glared
at me.  It was VERY obvious they weren't in the shop to buy gifts.  I went
outside and called the police and asked them to send an officer.  When he
got there, I explained the situation to him, but he told me they had a
convicted murderer on the loose and he didn't have time to check it out. 
He offered to give me an escort back to the highway, which I accepted.  As
we were pulling out of the parking lot, the people came tearing out of the
gift shop, jumped into the car and took off in a frenzy in the opposite

The NEXT time I saw that SAME car was in the underground parking garage of
my parents apartment building back in LA three MONTHS later!!  There was
no mistake, as I have an almost photographic memory, and made sure I would
NEVER forget that license number.  I was enraged, but took no action. 
Sure enough, some guys at the apartment started bothering me in the
billiard room not long thereafter.  I became afraid for my parents, and
moved them to another apartment building in West Hollywood, where they
live to this day.  However, people moved in after us, and guys similar to
those began hanging around giving me grief.  I was certain that this was a
huge conspiracy by now, but I didn't know just how huge until I went for
my second trip around the country by myself in 1979.  

This time, I knew something of what I was up against.  I had incidences
occur to me in LA which could not be rationalized out, except to conclude
that SOMEBODY had it in for me!  In two SEPARATE incidences, the SAME
truck swerved in front of me on the Santa Monica Freeway, and wouldn't
allow me to pass it.  It came out of the blue, and I had done NOTHING to
warrant an attack by a crazy.  This was the same truck which had done this
to me SIX MONTHS PREVIOUSLY!!  Obviously, I was mad as hell, but luckily
was able to manuveur my car around him before he tried to run me off the
road or something.  I walked into my dads store seething with anger, but
couldn't tell my parents what had happened, as I knew they just wouldn't
understand.  I had many, many similar incidents happen to me out of the
clear blue at various times before I left LA on my trip.

The trip was like a waking nightmare.  At every stop I made, people,
mostly from California, would barge into whatever tourist attraction or
hotel I was at, and start tearing the walls out!!  I am not exagerating,
either!  I took down so many license numbers at totally different places
all over the country that kept reappearing it was unreal!!  I finally lost
them during a hurricane, because I had 4 5-gallon gas cans in my trunk,
and could drive on through the night, while they ran out of gas, as that
was the time when all the gas stations closed on weekends due to the
supposed oil crisis.  Cars were towed off the highway left and right, as I
drove on I-95 from my aunts house in New Jersey to Florida.  

Suffice it to say that I made it down to Florida, and lived in peace for
awhile, but my enemies soon caught up with me.  I had people moving in
next door to me again, banging on the walls, and carrying on like nothing
I have ever experienced when around decent God-fearing people.  After
taking it for awhile, I started calling the police at the slightest
provocation.  They wound up getting carted away to jail to party.  I just
tried to ignore it all and get on with my life.  But these bastards were
not about to leave me alone!

This is where the part in Tallahassee comes in.  I honestly didn't know if
it was my enemies in my classes or CIA and FBI agents put there to keep an
eye on me because of my involvement in stealing signons from government
computer systems all over the country between 1977 and 1979.  All I did
know is that SOMETHING REAL FRIGGIN STRANGE was goin' on!!  I had NO
thought of clones at that time, simply that it was people put there to spy
on me and fuck my life up if possible.  When I had one of the women
counselors from the college call up the Sheriffs department, the guy she
talked to said to tell me it was what I was thinking.  I was supposed to
meet him at the court house later that day, and he would have told me what
it was, but due to my stupidity I got sidetracked, and by the time I got
to the court house, that officer had been replaced, although I still
didn't think it was clones, I only knew it was bullshit!  

The first time I knew something was wrong in my family was when I started
receiving crazy phone calls from my dad asking me if I remembered some
hotel with crystal staircases and such, as if we had ever been there,
which we hadn't!!  It was obviously crap, and I knew then that my father
was being forced to say that against his will.  It did not occur to me
that if he was being held prisoner somewhere somehow, WHO was running the
store?!  My moms calls also got bizarre to the point where I did not know
what the hell was going on, but knew that something was fucked up big
time!!  I didn't know what to do.  I knew the phones had to be tapped, but
visits to the local phone company office just produced more of the same
kind of bullshit.  It came to a head when I called up my "mom" in a frenzy
and demanded my passport out of their safe-deposit box.  It didn't sound
like my mom somehow, the voice was several octaves deeper.  I have perfect
pitch.  Suddenly, my dad jumped on an extension phone and SCREAMED, "NO,
GARY!! PASSPORTS CAN BE FORGED!!"  Then his line went dead, but my clone
mom said I was too confused and was coming down here.  I suspected it
wasn't my real mom, but had to be sure.

I made sure the following day.  When my "mom" came in the door the voice
was totally different, and the personality was totally different.  I
wanted to be absolutely positive, so when she went to sleep that night, I
tied tons of heavy string around the doorknob to my bedroom that even I
couldn't pull open.  The next morning, my "mom", without even calling to
me, almost took the door off the hinges with one tug!  That was a complete
giveaway, cause my real mom is the most gentle person in the world, and at
the very least would have called to me to ask me why the door wouldn't
open.  I wound up driving away from here into the night in terror!!

The first mental hospital I was forced into was a little one here called
PATH.  The woman counselor at TCC who spoke to the sheriffs deputy refused
to allow me to finish my AA degree unless I went in there.  Like the fool
I am and have been for so long, I did so.  Five minutes after signing
myself in, my dad called me on the pay phone for the patients, and asked
me if I knew if the LINE was being monitored!  I knew right then that was
crap for him to ask that, and after a few more minutes of nonsense like
that he hung up.  Then my sister called.  She told me something I couldn't
believe, that my brother-in-law, who she had just married and who was the
strongest willed guy I had ever known, had just lost his job because of
thinking that people were following him, reading their mail, etc, etc. 
The EXACT same kinds of things that had been happening to me.  I asked her
to put him on the phone.  I asked him what the HELL had been happening to
him, but he was so mentally destroyed, he had to give the phone back to my
sister.  When I hung up, I was madder than a March Hare!!  I went up to
the "staff" and asked to see all their id.  They told me they didn't have
to show me their ids.  I then asked to sign myself out of the place.  In
Florida, you can sign yourself INTO a nuthouse, but it is ANOTHER thing to
sign yourself out!!  Thre is a little clause that gives any psychiatrist
who think you shouldn't be released the right to put you on a 48 hour
hold.  The woman shrink there aske me to sign myself back in, and I
adamantly refused and demanded to be released!  She then went into a room
with one of the "staff", and another Eastern-type guy refused to let me
in.  He told me she was deciding on whether to send me over to the main
mental hospital in town here, then called Goodwood.  I immediately jumped
on the pay phone and called a good friend of mine at the FSU computer
center, and told him what was happening and told him to get me a lawyer!! 
A few minutes later, two Sheriffs Deputies came into the facility and
escorted me over to Goodwood.  When I got there, I was told I was on a
hold, and if I didn't sign myself in, they would get a court order to hold
me there.  Again, like the fool I was, I signed myself in, as I didn't
know what else to do.  

After a few days, the Public Defender, whom my friend had contacted, came
to see me.  He told me that if I didn't cause any hassles, I would be
released in a few more days.  He told me he would get a writ of habeus
corpus if they tried to Baker Act me, which would mean sending me to the
State mental hospital.  I found out later on that this guy was in on it
with them ALL!!  After a few days I was sent back to PATH, and shortly
thereafter released.  But boy, was I ever mad!!  I swore I would sue them
all to high heaven!!  Like a dope, I didn't.  And if I had, I could have
saved myself 10 more years of similar illegal incarcerations, some of
which were done to me by forging my signature on the admission forms. 
Some of these records have vanished, but I have obtained most of them,
including the ones here, which were denied to me previously, which is
illegal.  One of the doctors here though, wouldn't release the very first
visit to the nuthouse here.  I am OVERJOYED, believe it or not, because
that is one more CRIME they are ALL going to pay for in court!!  

Last year, my mom had a stroke, and is still partially paralyzed.  My
girlfriend was staying with me here at the time, but I had a nervous
breakdown because we didn't know if my mom would live for awhile.  I ran
out into the street, and collapsed.  The first people to reach me were
sincere in trying to help, but a few moments later, they all ran away, and
others took their places.  One of the first to reach me said loudly, "THE
NAME IS ZAPPA!!  FRANK ZAPPA!!!"  After seeing his picture on a record
album, yeh, it was HIM!!  I was placed on a stretcher and taken to
Tallahassee Memorial Emergency Room, and placed in a small room.  After
bullshiting for several minutes, my arms and legs were strapped to the
stretcher by various people.  After another few minutes of seeing who they
could trust, a "doctor" in a blue uniform came in, pulled my shorts and
underpants down, and took a scapel and made a deep incision in my penis in
two places.  I screamed in pain and bled profusely, but NO ONE offered me
assistance of any kind or tried to stop it.  I was then wheeled back into
the ambulance, and thrown into Tallahassee Psychiatric Hospital.  I was
left in a small room bleeding for hours.  

I have filed a police report now that I am back in town, and am going to
have the scars on my penis verified by doctors, real ones, and then the
FUN is gonna start!!  I STILL have enemies of mine here living in the
apartment complex all around me, but soon they are going to be eating
prison food!!!

Fortunately, there is a good side to all this.  That is that I have
discovered that my enemies were into witchcraft, and that God and Jesus
and all the angels in heaven have just about solved the problem for me
now.  So there is a spiritual side to all this, and not just alien in
nature.  But a good deal of it has been.  I don't know how much longer it
will take, but I am working on a degree from Lively again, this time in
Computer Science.  I will be filing a MAJOR lawsuit in a few months, and I
have the proof of what has been done to me now, so.....


Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: INVASION!!!
Message-ID: <>
Date: 29 Mar 93 11:34:19 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Lines: 74

The INVASION ended when I was taken to this last hospitalization at
Cedars-Sanai Thalians in Los Angeles after Jesus and God took me over
(Yeah, I KNOW how that sounds!!) and drove me up and down all over
California through space and time in mere seconds and minutes.  Then God
had me stop my car in an intersection in South Pasadena with the engine
running, and after a few seconds Angels came along and threw me into the
back of an ambulance and took me to a hospital (not mental).  There Jesus
as my dad picked me up and drove me home.  The next day Jesus got inside
me again and caused me to do stuff in my parents apartment, which didn't
seem sensible to me at the time even, but I was under no control of my
own.  A PET team (from the nuthouse) was called, and I was taken over
(ONCE AGAIN!) to the nuthouse at Cedars and tossed in there.  THIS TIME,
however, it was Angels who brought me there, not CIA or whatever.  I am
sure of this!

While in the hospital, at first evil Angels or demons and witches (which
have been a large part of what I have been going through) tried to destroy
me, only this time, God and Jesus were with me, so to speak, and Angels of
all shapes and sizes showed up and were present in the form of my first
girlfriend.  By this I mean that she "replaced" someone else who was a
normal person, which apparently they cn do as well as the CIA or aliens or
whatever the hell has been following me all these years.  Along with Jesus
appearing in person in different forms, she and the other Angels took over
the entire phone system, and everything else that was wrong and I have
been plagued by.  My girlfriend later showed up (after I was released) at
a bookstore in town, this time as a gorgeous version of herself (Angel),
to try to help me.  I also was being courted by Carrie Fisher of Star Wars
fame (the REAL one), which my angel girlfriend, who had apparently been
killed by my enemies arranged out of love for me.  I had met Carrie in
person in the Beverly Hills Library in 1980 while writing some scripts at
a time when there was a actors strike, after sending her love letters. 
She came to see me but I blew it in the parking lot after her coming
around for three days in a row.  I just used a real dumb line, but she
took offense at it and walked away mad as hell.  She showed up in disguise
at my dads pharmacy, and in the bookstore also, but when she asked me to
marry her, through me, I turned her down.  I have verification that this
all happened.  The Angels were helping her to try to get me.  Anyways, I
blew my opportunity, both with her and the angel of my old girlfriend, and
am now back in Tallahassee going to Lively Vo-Tech taking Computer
Science, as FSU wouldn't let me back in after the TV incident, but Lively
has a MUCH better program and they GET you a job!  I am in constant touch
with Jesus now, inside me.

Koresh is a nut!  Jesus, or real angels don't shoot at people with guns!!
They don't NEED to!!!


Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

From: (Gary Stollman)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: INVASION!!!
Summary: Stuff to convince y'all that this is true...
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Date: 31 Mar 93 03:49:15 GMT
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
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Here is some info which will convince  even the most diehard skeptics that
what I have been saying is true.   When I was in the hospital, the most
recent one in LA, Jesus told me he told the people I was Jesus or the 
re-incarnation, and one of the witches there walked by my room and
suddenly looked right at me and shouted, "OH, JESUS CHRIST, HUH!!"  Later,
when none of the pay phones would work for the witches, but would work for
me, he shouted out loud, "I THINK THEY GOT MA BELL!!"  Then, when the
Angel of my first girlfriend, Sandy Pope from Fresno, was standing in the
he suddenly said, "I think I'm in REAL trouble!", she laughed out loud
like hell at him.  Another time, when I was being given a blood-pressure
test, I called out, in my mind, "SATAN!!", which I was doing occasionally
while in there, due to the stress on me, this big fat girl bent down next
to me, and said, "Don't worry, they can't hear me!" and proceeded to run
her hands across the lettering on my T-shirt.  She later changed from
being a witch to a servant of God.  I saw the Angel of Sandy, move in one
room near me to out of another at the end of the hall, in a fraction of a
second.  Sandy, as Jesus tells me, was killed by my enemies, actually
Jesus says he killed her to save her soul, so she could save mine.  She
has tried to help me many times in the past, but to no avail, due to the
immense forces against me.  At one time, I was in a motel room in Florida,
and I accidently locked my keys in the car.  I called the AAA, and it
sounded like Sandy who answered the phone, her Angel at least.  When she
asked me quickly what room I was in, suddenly the sound of the phone lines
being ripped out of the walls occurred, and the line went dead.  In the
hospital, The Angel of Sandy made a motion to me when I walked past her,
when nobody was looking, to come to her.  She asked me to shake her hand,
holding it out, and when I did so, she took my hand in hers, and closed
both her hands around mine.  I stared directly into her eyes, which she
moved back and forth.  When I started to look away, she said, under her
breath, "Don't look!" and continued moving her eyes across mine.  I felt
transfixed, and got scared and started to pull away.  "Don't move!", she
said, and after a few more seconds, she let my hand go.  A look of
exhaustion and sorrow came across her face, as she let my hand slip away. 
When I went into my room, Sandy started speaking through me, as Jesus has
done, because she had put her soul into mine from that little incident. 
She asked me if she could stay to help me, and I said yes. 

After I got out of the hospital, Sandy asked me if I wanted her to get
Carrie Fisher for me, whom I had sent love letters to in 1980, while
working on some scripts at the Beverly Hills Library.  Carrie showed up
beyond my wildest dreams 3 day in a row and we just eyed each other
through the book shelves.  I finally got up the nerve to talk to herin the
parking lot while she was walking to her car, but I made a dumb statement,
(I said, "Did anyone ever tell you you  look a lot like Carrie Fisher?"),
and she got REAL mad, and said, "NO!", and walked away real fast.  She was
looking at me with love in her eyes before that, when I asked her if she
lived around there, and she said, "Yes!", but my stupid attempt at
determining if it was really her apparently worked TOO good!!  Anyways,
Sandy spoke to her, and told me she thought she was going insane to hear a
voice telling her who I was, and Sandy convinced her it was real, and
asked her to get on a special Angel flight to Tallahassee the next day,
and she would show her the wonderful place I lived in, and the sweet
people here!  During the next few days, Sandy described in great detail
how Carrie had been tormented on the flight by angels for being such a
rich snob and so forth, but Sandy had told her where to stay here, and
then met her in human form in person and showed her around the town.  She
took Carrie to the Governor's Square Mall here, where I had been barred
from going into, by one of my enemies who is now the Security Director
there.   When Sandy told her what he was, Sandy said Carrie RAN into his
office and threw off her wig, and told him who she was and who I was, and
told him to go to hell.  Sandy told me after she walked out, the bum got
down on his hands and knees and prayed to God for forgiveness.  

I took all of this with a grain of salt, even with all I had been through
all these years because it just sounded too damn wonderful to be
possible.  Then, the day before Carrie was supposedly coming back to LA,
I walked into my dad's pharmacy, and there was a woman aboout Carrie's
size, dressed up as an old hag.  I could tell it was a disguise, but as I
didn't believe it was possible that what I had been hearing could be the
truth, I merely walked over to the market and bought a candy bar.  There
were two old ladies in the store with this old "hag", and they were
watching her and me very closely.  As I walked back into the store, the
"old hag" RAN out the door past me.  I walked over to the card section,
and suddenly my eyes were forced to look at a card that said, "EXCUSE ME,
DARLING!"  I walked real fast back to the front of the store and looked at
the old hag walking fast down the building, and asked, IN MY MIND, "Was
that the real Carrie Fisher?"  The two old ladies suddenly looked up at
me, and said to me, "Yes!", one right after the other!!  There was nobody
else in the store.  Then the phone rang, and the guy who works at my dad's
store, picked up the phone and shouted into it REAL LOUD, "YES SIR!!" 
When I looked at the two old ladies as if I couldn't believe it, they just
stared at each other in disbelief.  I watched as the "old hag" ran around
the corner and out of sight.  I was disgusted with myself, but felt helpless!
Sandy told me later that Carrie had come back early to see me in person.

After that, not only did Carrie Fisher show up in disguise at the
bookstore across from the Beverly Center I frequented, but soon after that
the Angel of Sandy Pope showed up as a salesgirl there under the name
Jennifer.  And BOY, when Jesus told me it was Sandy Pope, I just stared at
her unbelieving, because it was the spitting image of Sandy as she was
when I knew her at 16, only MORE gorgeous than you could ever imagine!! 
Over the next couple of weeks, I tried to get to know her, but found
myself, even with prompts from her, which only could come from reading my
mind, chickening out every time.  I just was just too overwhelmed by the
chain of events!!  Then Carrie Fisher's whole family sarted showing up at
the market across the street from my parents apartment, because she was
intent on marrying me.  I turned down her offer, like the fool I have
always been, but at least the phone lines were being run by the angels
then, so I was able to get in touch with my girlfriend and spend time with
her.  I regret to this day that I didn't have the nerve to ask Sandy's
angel out, but tonight Sandy is back with me again, in spirit at least,
and because I fasted this weekend for her spirit, she says she is here
now, and will soon be with me again, in some nice shaply form in person.

I could add more, but I want to give people a chance to take all this in,
and like I already said, I got to save something for my book!!


Gary Stollman    Internet:     GEnie: G.STOLLMAN

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