This message is for anyone visiting my page, seeking the truth. Knowing a little about me may help my readers understand how I’ve come to believe what I believe. My name is Diogenes Ramon Padilla, I have no interest in concealing my identity because the government already knows who I am, and are always around. I was born into a Catholic family and at a very young age I began attending a Fundamental Baptist church. It was as a Christian when I got interested in “conspiracy theories”. I always wondered and asked my mother, “If everyone in the world believes in different things, and they all think they know the truth, how do you know that Christianity is the right religion if we only believe it because we were born into a family that believes in Jesus Christ. Everyone else was born into different belief systems, why are we so sure we are right?” She would reply, “I have faith, and I know it in my heart.” This answer wasn’t enough to satisfy my skepticism. Growing up my favorite book in the bible was Revelations and I enjoyed studying it, and the things the pastor in my church would say. As a teenager I stopped asking questions and started seeking answers and thinking for myself; I began doing my own research. It wasn’t until my senior year in Grossmont Highschool, located in El Cajon San Diego, that I began to only considering what the alien theorists had to say. People like David Icke, Lloyd Pye, and artists like Immortal Technique, really began influencing me and forced me to ask more questions about our existence, our origins, the universe, and the ultimate truth.

I’m sure if you are visiting this website it’s because you also believe what most would consider far fetched. I may soon be dying of cancer, I have not been diagnosed, but I do know the CIA is exposing me to high levels radiation, and contaminating my food and water supply to try to get rid of me. They have tried to kill me several times and have failed, some have called me lucky. I would like the reader to keep in mind of the CIAs cloning technology; I’m sure you may know of the experiments that go on underground at Dulce Base. They could possibly replace me with a clone at any moment, if I suspect it will happen I will do my best to notify. I can assure the reader I have no mental illness nor does it run in my family, my beliefs are based on evidence and I come up with logical conclusions when doing my own research, why attempt to kill me if I’m wrong?

Once you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

I have a YouTube account with videos which I have uploaded, and I am always working on new ones, you can visit by clicking here.

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