Soul Traps

The question everyone has asked, even as a child, is what happens to a person when they die, where do they go? Religion tells us the wicked go to hell, and the good go to heaven. If you understand history you know you can not trust any holy book; religion is a tool of the elite to separate us, and corrupt spirituality. Some like to back up their beliefs with the phenomenon of near death experiences, where people see loved ones, heaven, god, and Jesus. Scientists like to say it is nothing but a hallucination brought out by the chemical DMT excreted by the brain at the moment of death, or near death. The fact is our bodies are nothing but organic machinery, they are containers for our souls, allowing us to live, or be trapped as slaves in this matrix. This matrix is one of many, possibly limitless, dimensions of the universe. When we die, or as I like to put it, when the organic robot we are trapped in breaks, our souls/consciousness/spirit leaves the physical matrix and enters another dimension, our souls are pure energy, and according to physics, energy can neither be created, nor destroyed; we never truly die. There is much evidence for reincarnation, there are stories where children claim to have been another person who has died and can remember specific parts of that individuals lives. One thing to understand is the earth is not solid, and does not have a molten core, like mainstream science suggests. The Earth is hollow, but not like most people suggest, click here to learn more about the hollow earth. The reason it is important to understand to structure of the Earth is because of the fact that Earths environment has a magnetic field surrounding it. If there is not molten iron core generating this field, one thing you must ask yourself, is where does it come from. This magnetic field is artificial, it keeps souls, our energy, from escaping the environment we are trapped in; it is generated by the reptilians as a soul trap. Our souls are nothing to them but a cheep source of energy to power their slave machine. I do not know how the field is generated, but what ever it is, should be destroyed in order to free all the souls that are trapped on the other side. Peggy Kane is well known to truth seekers who know of the Reptilian Agenda, I have noticed she seems to contradict herself in some videos on YouTube, I do not believe she is a liar, she has given us much information that is correct, this is why I believe she was taken out by the CIA and had to clone her, and use her as a disinformation agent. You may know of underground CIA bases, such as Dulce Base, these bases are known to experiment with humans, genetics, and cloning; here you can see some ways they use the clones. One thing to keep in mind is that there is always some truth in what a disinformation agent says, but not everything is accurate. Here is an informational video, in which Peggy Kane is interviewed on this subject.

When you die, you are trapped here, there is no escape. As soon as a being descends to this environment, it can not leave. Before a soul reincarnates back into the physical reality we are all living in their memories are erased. The entire planet is a soul trap, and there are other traps to lure a confused spirit into a fake, or staged “heaven”. This is how people see what they think they see in their near death experiences. I believe the machine Peggy Kane speaks of is the moon, David Icke tells us it is a hollowed out planetoid space ship. I believe, in this dimension our souls enter at death, the moon is used to erase our memories and send a soul back to Earth, which is why most of the population can not remember a thing of their past lives. There is little a higher being can do for humanity, once any soul enters this environment, they are trapped with no way out, they are taken and their memories are erased; they will not remember what they came to Earth for.


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