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With S 1867, The National Defense Authorization Act, the people now have no rights under martial law. This gives the puppet President the power to indefinitely detain, kidnap, imprison, interrogate, and assassinate any US citizen on US soil without charge or trial. It also considers the entire world, including the homeland, to be a battlefield. Martial Law is to be declared during a national crisis which will bring civil unrest, which is being expected by the Department of Defense. Informed citizens can see the crisis coming, it is the collapse of the US dollar,brining an economic crisis. There is no doubt this will occur, it’s not a matter of if, but when. China and Russia have publicly announced that they will soon be abandoning the dollar; this will only lead other countries to do the same, putting the dollar in an even worse situation. Once the dollar collapses and martial law is declared, FEMA officers will begin confiscating guns, imprisoning and assassinating conspiracy theorists, triggering a civil war. An executive order signed into law gives officials the authority to implant every citizen with an RFID chip.

Thomas Castello was a former Dulce security officer who came forward about what he witnessed, a quick Google or YouTube search of his name or the phrase, Dulce security officer speaks out, will lead you to some questions and answers between him and an interviewer. Castello had gone on the run when he had learned his wife and children had been kidnapped. Castello has since vanished, nobody is even sure if he is still alive today.

Phil Schneider is another man who came forward about his experience while working at Dulce; he spoke of an encounter with a Zeta Grey which had attacked him and left him critically injured, and missing some fingers. Phil was doing his part in exposing the underground bases, and survived several assassination attempts, which he lived to talk about. He also stated that if he ever commits suicide, we would all know he was murdered. This man was later found dead with a rubber cord which was wrapt around his neck three times in a knot; and officials ruled it a suicide. There was no way Phil would have been able to kill himself in the manner he allegedly did; he could not have tied a cord around his neck in a knot. Not only was he not suicidal, but his alleged suicide was done in a manner which would have been extremely difficult for him to carry out on his own given his physical injuries. He had limited mobility in one shoulder and missing fingers. It would not have made sense for Phil to take his own life while he was trying to expose a terrible government secret, especially after he told us that if he ever committed suicide, it is only because they killed him.

They poison our air and environment with chemtrails, which has more than just the purpose of spreading harmful chemicals in our atmosphere to poison us. The government has been doing this for decades; before, they would deny the existance of chemtrails, now they have try to come up with an excuse for doing so because too many people are aware of this fact. Ā  They also feed us poison, 90% of the food Americans buy are GMOs, or genetically modified organisms; under the Trans Pacific Partnership, it would be illegal for countries to ban GMOs, and Monsanto, the corporation specializing in chemicals behind GMOs, could sue a nation for doing so. In America, mothers in need who seek help from a nutrition and supplement program known as wick, or Women, Infant, and Children, only have access to GMO products, which is extremely harmful to her child. The microwave most Americans own will even cause ill health and possibly cancer. The foods meant to be microwaved, which are prepared by the corporations you buy them from, are terrible for your health. Our water supply, even bottled water, is filled with hormones and sodium fluoride, a poison, which is purposefully dumped in our water supply by corporations who do not dispose of it properly. We are lied to and told sodium fluoride is beneficial to our teeth, this is far from the truth, it is a poison that has no business being ingested by a human being,

Humans are also depopulated with genetically engineered diseases, one example being the AIDs virus, which are created by the C I A. Even the ingredients in vaccinations that are supposed to benefit our health do nothing but the opposite of what we are told they are intended to do; we are told survival rates are higher than they were before they were introduced, this is true, but death rates have dropped before the vaccinations were even introduced, they are a scientific fraud which cause illness and death.

To read more about what Gary Stollman had to say about his experiences, click on the link below.

Gary Stollman was a man who was targeted and followed by the CIA. He was an extremely intelligent man and a truth seeker. He described his passion to learn as a “holy quest for knowledge”; he wan an open minded individual. Stollman frequently visited conspiracy topics on the Internet about UFOs aliens and other conspiracy topics. After being harassed by the CIA for several years Back in the ’70s and ’80s he resorted to taking a toy gun to the KNBC news station, where his father had worked, and interrupted a live broadcast by putting the toy gun to the back of a new anchor and demanded he read a script he had written to the public.

What he wanted the anchor to read: His physical father is in fact a clone created by the CIA and alien forces.

Cloning is a part of a plot to overthrow the U.S government.

The CIA maintains mental-retraining hospitals.

Phones were turned off at Rohlman Psychiatric Hospital in Cincinnati for 48 hours after his arrival.

A former CIA official had an interview on KPFK radio in which he told a college audience that the CIA has towed barges across New York Harbor that were disease-ridden.

The CIA may have created the AIDS virus to wipe out the gay population. Comment: Hmmm, where have we heard THAT before?

The CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy and the 22 material witnesses who died with two years. Comment: Hmmmm, I have heard that as well.

He demands that the Air Force release all information on UFOs.

He demands that the information about Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson [AFB] be released.

He relates that he spoke to a girl at Florida Junior College who told him that seven of her friends had been “replaced.”

The CIA doesn’t trust people on computers.

Individuals at the Optimist Boys School in Pasadena were recruited by others and given false IDs and birth certificates.

There is a secret group led by the President’s own staff.

There are beings around with the power to teleport instantly and do the same to others; who can read and control minds, and transform matter into other forms and create it at will.

He asks for a congressional investigation and federal protection.

He states that he cannot harm anyone with an empty BB gun.

Today, we are taught the Earth is a solid sphere. From a very young age we are told the center of the earth is filled with a molten core. We are taught the earth was once a large liquid sphere of molten lava revolving around the sun. We are told over time the crust of the earth cooled and hardened into the surface we currently inhabit. We are told there are several facts which led scientists to this theory; we are told of volcanoes, which spew lava from inside, we are told earth has magnetic field which is produced by a rotating molten iron core. You may also have been shown how a liquid behaves in zero gravity, it compresses itself into the smallest ball it could make. What we are not shown is what happens when this ball of liquid begins rotating.

Sir Edmund Halley was a famous English Astronomer and mathematician. Back in 1692, he published his theory on the hollow earth; he developed his theory from working with Sir Isaac Newton on earth magnetism fluctuation and possible causes.

John Cleves Symmes was a former Captain in the United States Army, war hero, philosopher, and hollow earth researcher. He believed the earth was hollow and habitable within. He was ready to dedicate his life to proving his theory and attempted to search for the openings and explore the hollow earth. In the spring 1818, Symmes sent a proposition to cities across the United States which stated, quote.

To all the world! I declare the earth is hollow, and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees; I pledge my life in support of this truth, and am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.

Today there is a monument of the hollow earth dedicated to Symmes and his theory.

The most recent exploration of the polar regions was attemptied by Admiral Richard Byrd. This man became an expert after making many flights over both poles and mapping the Antarctic. He discovered mountain peaks, trees, rivers, and large animals. After returning to America, Washington censored his expedition and ordered his silence. Before his death in 1957, Byrd wrote a lost entry in his diary concerning the event.

In the past, the Vatican, and the governments they controlled stood firmly on their beliefs that the earth was flat. Some say it was out of fear that the public would realize they were wrong, and that the public would begin to question the credibility of the organizations they received their information from. I think they have always, and still know the truth; I do not think it is out of fear of being wrong, but just to keep the public in the dark, trying to keep them as far from the truth as possible.

You may wonder about the Inner Sun, a possible explanation would be cold fusion. The subject of cold fusion does not seem to enjoy much credibility in the USA. Some scientists regard cold fusion as a pseudo-science. Yet many countries in the world are pouring enormous sums of money into hard scientific research on the matter. Some scientists have already discussed the possibility of cold fusion occurring inside the Earth. P. Palmer, a geophysicist has already suggested this. Helium-3 emanating from inside the Earth has been regarded by some as an indication that cold fusion might be taking place deep down inside the Earth.

If you take a closer look at ancient “calendars” you can see most symbols are symmetrical, except for the creatures; most videos or articles explaining the calendars are just making things up. These calendars are not telling us of time, they do not tell us anything about the heavens, they are all maps; the Mayan Calendar is a map of the concave planet. It would get one to wonder why it is that hollywood would even want to push this “conspiracy theory” of what the Mayans predicted, it was just disinformation. These artifacts are evidence that there is a hollow earth. In the past, humans could have possibly had some interaction with other beings living beneath us, or even possibly originated from the underground. The animals on these calendars do not represent different “years”, but all the living creatures living on the concave plane that is the earth. You can see what exactly represents the sun giving light to one part of the Earth, and darkness to the other. You can also see, at least in the Mayan Map, there is a layer of water underneath the land.


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